The Concord Academy Centennial Campaign


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On any given day here on campus, we can see The Concord Academy Centennial Campaign’s impact — in our athletes’ competitive skill and spirit; in our teachers’ scholarship made possible through Department X; in our young scientists’ eagerness to demonstrate their questions and discoveries. Moments too numerous and now commonplace to name — and therein lies the true measure of impact: that our students and teachers have made these investments simply part of every day.

Such progress does not happen on its own or by magic: it happens because of the generosity of this amazing school community.

Together over the last four years we have made important strides: We completed construction of CA Labs and built endowment to maintain this wonderful building; created endowments to develop faculty leadership, support students through financial aid, and deepen our connections to the town of Concord and the city of Boston. We have also made significant investments in our residential houses, beginning with the expansion and renovation of Bradford House, and by a year from now we will have completed the Haines/Hobson Commons, which will expand and link the two historic houses. All of this progress has been accomplished not through taking on additional debt, but through generous gifts from members of our school community.

We are in the midst of an amazing movement for our school and our community — one we invite you to join, for we are engaged in building CA’s future. With the school’s centennial a mere four years away, we plan to honor this historic moment by prioritizing capital investments in the arts, reaffirming our commitment to our mission, and making a trajectory-altering investment in our endowment. This plan is firmly rooted in CA’s core values as well as in our dreams, as current stewards of the school, for a long and vibrant future.

Since its founding, CA has been distinguished by its students’ spirit of individualism, their passionate dedication to learning, and their devotion and service to community. While the physical campus has expanded and evolved, these values have remained true, connecting generations of CA students. We believe curiosity, compassion, and creativity are critical in today’s world — perhaps more than ever — and we believe that it is time to invest more boldly in our school to secure its stability for years to come.

Our investments in buildings will be matched by investments in the people who bring them to life and who fill them with creative visions, who create projects that sustain our community, and who foster the kinds of experiences that animate careers and lives. CA is what it is because of its people — our faculty, our staff, and especially our students, who challenge themselves — and us! — every day.

CA will continue to build on its significant commitment to financial aid. Our aim is to remove the cost of a CA education as a barrier to enrollment for worthy students and their families. By doing so, we will attract students who embody the values in our mission, and each year, we will engage those new to CA and those returning in the work of building a true community. By learning with and from classmates from diverse backgrounds, CA’s graduates will be ready to take active and positive roles in an increasingly interconnected and global world.

We will also invest in our faculty and staff — the dedicated adults who guide and inspire your children — by offering competitive compensation and ongoing professional development. We know that amazing things happen when you bring together such talented teachers with bright, motivated students. With your help and support, we plan to build endowment to support our people — the students who bring their energy to this school, and the adults who guide and inspire them.

We are profoundly grateful to all who have joined this campaign so far, whose generosity has helped to preserve the unique identity and culture of CA and ensure its future. With only a few years until CA’s centennial, the time is now to redouble our efforts. We invite you to read more about the priorities and initiatives for The Concord Academy Centennial Campaign. Together, we are building a remarkable future for CA.

Sarah Yeh
Interim Head of School

Fay Lampert Shutzer ’65
President of the Board of Trustees