Director of Athletics Sue Johnson was a Division I college basketball coach for a combined 20 years at Yale, Princeton, Boston College, and the University of New Hampshire. Assistant Athletic Director Laurie Baker is a former gold and silver medalist for U.S. Women’s Olympic ice hockey. For their full bios, see below.


Sue Johnson is an accomplished athletic director and athlete. Johnson coached Division I women’s basketball for 20 years, beginning at Yale, her alma mater. She has held positions at Princeton, Boston College, and the University of New Hampshire. During her college career, Johnson was a formidable athlete. She holds nine Yale records and, in 2010, was inducted into the Connecticut Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame.

“I love leading the athletic department of such an outstanding New England independent school, and to providing programming that is consistent with the educational mission and culture of Concord Academy,” she says. Sue joined Concord Academy on July 1, 2015. Prior to that, she served as athletic director at Gann Academy in Waltham for eight years.

Upon her appointment, Rick Hardy, Concord Academy’s head of school, stated that “not only is her background strong, but her commitment to cultivating a balanced athletic program within the context of a diverse and intentional learning and living environment is perfectly aligned with the CA community.” Jenny Chandler, dean of faculty at the time, echoed that sentiment, saying Johnson is “a seasoned and visionary AD”.

Sue can be contacted by emailing

Laurie Baker is the Assistant Athletic Director at Concord Academy. Before coming to CA, she worked at Buckingham Browne and Nichols School (BB&N) as the Associate Athletic Director and coach of the Girls Varsity Hockey team. Prior to that, she worked at Lawrence Academy in the Admissions office, serving as the Assistant Athletic Director, and worked as an advisor and coach.

Before working in independent schools, Laurie was an accomplished hockey player. She won a gold medal at the 1998 Winter Olympics and a silver medal at the 2002 Winter Olympics, was the 1997 USA Hockey Women’s Player of the Year (also known as the Bob Allen Women’s Player of the Year), and is a member of the USA Hockey Hall of Fame.

Laurie Baker played two seasons at Providence College, where she was inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame. She lives with her family in her hometown of Concord, Mass.