Concord Academy is committed to being a diverse and inclusive community that represents a broad range of economic backgrounds.


No student should be deterred from applying for admission due to financial constraints. Families who feel they need financial assistance to attend the school are encouraged to apply for financial aid. CA is committed to awarding financial aid that meets 100% of a student’s computed financial need.

The 2022–23 budget for Concord Academy’s financial aid program is $5.3 million and represents 17% of the school’s operating budget. Currently, financial aid grants are used to support 105 new and continuing families representing approximately 26% of the student body. Grants range from $1,000 to the full tuition. Financial aid funds are also available for aid recipients to help defray the cost of additional expenses including books, travel, athletic equipment, computers, school trips, music lessons, tutoring, and the college application process.

Tuition for 2022–23:

Boarding: $68,840
Day: $55,130

The enrollment/registration deposit is credited to the tuition balance. The cost of books, studio fees, and other miscellaneous additional expenses typically total about $1,100. Email  to learn more about tuition & expenses

Additional benefits offered to students who receive a financial aid grant:

Students who receive a financial aid grant also have access to a variety of resources designed to make their experience as equitable, rewarding, and productive as possible. Those resources include:

Bookstore/Activities Account Grant

A Bookstore/Activities Account Grant of $1,150 (for day students) or $1,550 (for boarding students) is offered to help defray the cost of additional expenses such as books, class fees, standardized testing, class rings, athletic equipment, student activities and entertainment, fundraisers, and house snacks. This grant increases each year.

Purchasing a computer or tablet

Students who wish to purchase their own computer or tablet for school use will be eligible to receive a one-time grant from the financial aid fund to help defray this cost. The reimbursement is up to $900 and is related to the percentage of the tuition grant.

School Supplies

Various school supplies are available during the first school days of each semester  for financial aid students.  There is no charge for these supplies. 

Travel Opportunities

Financial aid is available for one trip during a student’s career at CA, such as a service trip in June or a language trip in March. These trips typically have a minimum family contribution of $200-$500.


All students receiving financial aid have access to the following benefits at the same percentage as their tuition grant: music lessons, tuition refund insurance, and academic tutoring and neuropsychological testing approved by the Academic Dean.

Supplemental Benefits

Students who receive a financial aid grant covering 96% or more of tuition receive three additional benefits:  a monthly allowance of $80, travel home for major school breaks (Thanksgiving, winter break, and spring break), and a family travel/lodging reimbursement to attend the student’s first year Family Visit Weekend and the senior year chapel talk.

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