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Centennial Book Features Community Voices from Throughout CA’s First 100 Years

Graduates understand precisely what they mean when they say, “That’s so CA!” So I was not surprised when, in answer to my questions, alumnae/i would often say something like this: ‘I don’t know exactly how to answer that one. But let me tell you a story.’”...

2022–23 Convocation Opens Concord Academy’s 100th Academic Year, and CA’s Second Century

On the morning of August 29, the Elizabeth B. Hall Chapel was filled with a new kind of energy. Concord Academy’s 402 students, along with faculty and staff, gathered to begin the school’s 100th academic year—and to begin CA’s second century together.

2022–23 New Faculty and Staff

Concord Academy is pleased to welcome several new members of the faculty and staff for the 2022–23 academic year. Please help us welcome these new teachers, coaches, and other members of CA’s adult community.

CA Celebrates Class of 2022 with Commencement Speaker Trelane Clark ’92, P’22

On June 3, Concord Academy honored the class of 2022 in the Academy Garden, celebrating the accomplishments and promise of the newest members of CA’s alumnae/i community. A damp morning didn’t subdue the spirits of the 102 members of CA’s 98th graduating class. And in her Commencement address, Trelane Clark ’92, P’22 advised them to embrace gratitude, grace, and greatness.

Rashaun Mitchell ’96, 2022 Centennial Hall Fellow, Exposes the Mechanics of Creation

As the 2022 Centennial Hall Fellow, Rashaun Mitchell ’96, a dancer, choreographer, educator, and mentor, shared his artistry and life story at Concord Academy this spring. “I’m not
working with narrative; I’m not working with music,” he said at a dance demonstration at CA. “We’re really trying to understand what is happening in the body when we’re dancing and how we can expose the mechanics of the creation.”

Nick Hiebert, 2018–2021 Katherine Carton Hammer ’68 Chair, Presents on Connection, Collaboration, and Community

On May 5, CA English teacher Nick Hiebert shared how he had benefited from holding the Katherine Carton Hammer ’68 Endowed Faculty Chair over the past three years. The support, Hiebert said, gave him time and space “to realize how much I am made, sustained, and inspired by other people.”

CA Celebrates 100th Birthday with Centennial Days of Service and Sustainability

On April 22 and 23, the CA community united in honor of Concord Academy’s 100th birthday. On this historic occasion, the Centennial Days of Service and Sustainability involved listening, learning, and taking action. The celebration extended beyond campus to include alumnae/i, parents, and friends of the school. Together over these two days, CA community members made a difference for others, and for our planet, in support of the commitment in CA’s mission to build a more just and sustainable future.

History Teacher Ed Rafferty P’19 ’21 Shares the History of Sustainability Throughout CA’s 100 Years

History teacher Ed Rafferty addressed the CA community during the “100 Years of Sustainability” assembly with a talk titled “Tales Along a Crooked Road: Place, Home, and Humility in Environmental History.”

CA Students Get Involved in Supporting CA’s Sustainability Plan

Concord Academy’s sustainability plan is among the first of its kind from independent schools in the Northeast. When it was released in the spring of 2019, little did the world know that within a year a pandemic would upend life around the globe. While CA pivoted, progress toward the targets that had been outlined nevertheless continued. The plan outlines four major areas of focus for CA: institutional staffing support, reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, shifts to more sustainable dining and reducing food waste, and increasing the environmental sustainability of campus operations.

CASA Students Lead Through Service

Concord Academy Students in Action (CASA) is one of CA’s longest-running clubs, part of a longstanding tradition of community service passed on by previous generations, including an active CASA precursor, Volunteers in Action. This year, the co-heads of CASA—Christina Crowley ’23, Maggie Myslik ’22, Zoe Perlis ’22, and Nirantheri Vithiananthan ’22—approached their efforts with a fresh focus: providing meaningful service with a focus on ensuring that they are helping people in the ways they need to be helped.

2022–23 New Faculty and Staff

Concord Academy is pleased to welcome several new members of the faculty and staff for the 2022–23 academic year. Please help us welcome these new teachers, coaches, and other members of CA’s adult community.

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Nicole Rawling ’97 is Making Fashion Sustainable and Available

Co-founder and CEO of Material Innovation Initiative, Nicole Rawling ’97 is revolutionizing the materials we all use. Her organization is helping scientists, investors, and companies identify and create new plant-based materials to make the sustainable option the easy option.

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Senior Projects from the Class of 2022

For their senior projects this year, members of the class of 2022 took on a wide array of independent projects with faculty advisors, including reexamining health care inequities within prison settings, building an electric go-kart, mapping the physics of a pirouette, and creating a cookbook with sustainable recipes.

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Adnan Zubcevic ’75, 2022 Centennial Joan Shaw Herman Award Recipient, Finds in Treating Trauma a New Calling

During CA’s 100th birthday celebration in April, physician Adnan Zubcevic ’75 received the 2022 Centennial Joan Shaw Herman Award for his life’s work in support of immigrants and refugees. When he was a student at CA in his senior year, through the American Field Service, he little suspected that 20 years later he would return to Concord, Mass., fleeing the Bosnian War. In the Boston area, Zubcevic went on to launch many programs supporting immigrants and refugees, one of which has become a national model.

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Concord Academy Centennial Campaign Co-Chairs Reflect on Growing CA’s Power of Creative Engagement

CA’s continuing evolution would not be possible without the foresight and partnership of volunteer leaders and the support from the CA community for the Concord Academy Centennial Campaign. By investing in the school’s endowment and a new Centennial Arts Center, the CA community will realize a decades-long dream of expanding CA’s creative spaces and learning opportunities. The Centennial Campaign co-chairs offer personal reflections on the importance of this project.

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The Story Behind CA’s Joan Shaw Herman Distinguished Service Award

On April 22, 2022—Concord Academy’s 100th birthday—the CA community will bestow the Centennial Joan Shaw Herman Distinguished Service Award. This award was first given to Joan Shaw Herman ’46 herself, posthumously, in 1976. Herman, who was paralyzed after contracting polio the summer after her graduation from CA, worked to improve the lives of other individuals with physical disabilities. Her story speaks to the power that resilience, generosity, and an enduring desire to make life better for others can have, and why this award is so important at Concord Academy.

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