At the core of the CA experience is a deep investment in

cultivating enduring, meaningful human relationships.

At Concord Academy, every student is paired with an advisor—a faculty member or administrator who is equal parts mentor and advocate. This is a program we are proud of. Compared with many schools across New England, advisors at CA spend a significant amount of time guiding students through their high school experience. For families, advisors also provide vital links between home and school.

We get to know each student as an individual. One-on-one meetings often take place over lunch, on the quad, or on walks into town for coffee. The regularity of these conversations ensures that topics range from academics—course selection, workload, the college application process—to whatever is most on students’ minds, whether it be that evening’s discussion at Student Council, playing in the Battle of Lexington and Concord, or the next project they’ll tackle with the engineering club on campus.

Advising is meaningful not only for the way it roots the academic experience in human experience, but also for forging mentorships that often last a lifetime.