Clubs and Affinity Groups 3

Students are involved in varied pursuits, not because they feel obligated, but because they have a true passion and interest in the world around them. With more than 70 clubs and organizations, opportunities abound. And if you can’t find the kind of club you you’re looking for, you’re very much encouraged to start your own!


Clubs and Affinity Groups 1


All-School Council

The All-School Council comprises the student body president and student body vice president, class presidents and representatives, the head and vice head of boarders, the head of day students, co-heads of diversity, coheads of entertainment, coheads of environmental affairs, and faculty representatives. The All-School Council meets on Tuesdays at 5:45 p.m. Council meetings are open to all members of the CA community.

The All-School Council takes an active role in representing the student body when reviewing policies, discussing issues, and formulating proposals. All proposals passed at All-School Meetings are recommended to the head of school. The council sponsors Club Expo and Winterfest, and other weekend events on campus. Above all, the All-School Council affords students the opportunity to have input in the daily life of the school.

Discipline Committee

The Discipline Committee is a student-faculty committee that hears cases concerning students suspected of violating, or found in violation of, the school’s major rules. The committee’s role is to listen to the evidence, ask questions concerning the evidence, deliberate, and make recommendations to the head of school. The Discipline Committee comprises two faculty members, the dean of students and community life, and three students who rotate from an elected group of ten students. Additionally, there are two faculty members and three house faculty members who rotate on the committee from September to June. The dean of students and community life serves as the nonvoting convener of the committee for the school year. The Discipline Committee ‘s recommendation must be approved by the head of school. The convener reviews disciplinary procedures with the committee at the beginning of each committee hearing.


Clubs and Affinity Groups

One of Concord Academy's student singing clubs
One of Concord Academy's several student singing groups
Concord Academy students hiking Mount Moosilauke
CA students hiking Mount Moosilauke
Concord Academy students at Winterfest
Showcasing student clubs at Winterfest
  • A Cappella Club
  • A Team
  • Alianza Latina
    Alianza Latina is the Latino affinity group at Concord Academy. As minorities at CA, Alianza members want to harbor and share their culture with the greater CA community. Alianza Latina connect with cultural roots by reading and discussing Latino art, films, and literature, dancing to Caribbean beats, and most importantly, eating tantalizing Latino meals. Alianza was founded on the concept of unity, where students with similar backgrounds and heritages may come together, support each other, and celebrate a shared culture.
  • Anime Club
  • Asian Students Association
    ASA is an affinity group for students who identify as Asian, or are of Asian heritage. ASA is a place where students can celebrate and discuss their Asian heritage in a secure environment. The ultimate goal of ASA is to form strong bonds within the Asian community in CA and the two co-heads work together to host weekly meetings and plan events.
  • Astronomy Club
  • Bad Movie Club
  • Baseball Club
  • Blazer Club
  • Chameleons (a cappella group)
  • CA Dance Company
  • CA Docs
  • CA History Club
  • Canoeing Club
  • Ceramics Club
  • The Centipede (student newspaper)
  • The Chameleon (student literary group)
  • Chemistry Club
  • Chess Club
  • Chorus
  • Concord Academy Students in Action (CASA)
  • Concord Cabaret
  • Conversationalist Conference
  • Creative Fiction Club
  • DEMONS (Engineering) Club
  • Drop
  • Dubstep
  • Entrepreneur Club
  • Film Vault
  • French Club
  • Gaming Club
  • Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA)
    The CA Gender and Sexuality Alliance provides an open and accepting environment to promote equality, to educate the CA community, and to discuss LGBTQ issues.
  • German Club
  • Girls A cappella
  • Gourmet Club
  • Green Club
  • Head Tour Guide Conference
  • Hip Hop and Soul
  • International Student Organization (ISO)
    ISO is a group that supports the international students and facilitates their lives at CA. Here, “international students” pertain to students who have homes outside of United States. However, to broaden the scope of participation in our community, we welcome all students to participate in meetings and discussions which include international traditions, relations, lifestyles, and experiences. ISO also eases the transition of non-native students into the life and study at CA. Some of the ways ISO helps are by organizing taxis during vacations, hosting restaurant trips for bonding, and celebrating various holidays and traditions.
  • Investment Club
  • Jewish Student Organization (JSO)
    The Jewish Student Organization recognizes that Judaism means something different to each Jewish member of the CA community. Our goal is to raise awareness about Judaism, specifically the holidays, through announcements, celebrations, and open meetings.
  • Mandarin Club
  • Math Olympiad Club
  • Mathematical Puzzle and Research Society
  • Mock Trial Club
  • Model UN
  • Multi-Ethnic Student Organization (MESO)
    MESO is an affinity group dedicated to creating a supportive and comfortable environment in which people engage in discussions regarding multi-cultural aspects of their identities. Recognizing that the CA student body is comprised of people from multiple and often conflicting backgrounds, MESO hopes to help those who struggle with self-identification issues stemming from mixed race, culture, ethnicity, etc. Ultimately, MESO strives to raise awareness in our community though open meetings, fundraising, and student activities.
  • Multicultural Organization for Student Awareness of Identity and Culture (MOSAIC) Core Group
    MOSAIC (Multiethnic Organization of Students for the Awareness of Identity and Culture), is a group of individuals who meet each week to discuss topics of diversity in the context of our varied backgrounds and perspectives. Occasionally, MOSAIC holds open meetings and runs exercises to encourage acceptance and understanding within the CA community.
  • Origami Club
  • PAC Rats
  • Philosophy Club
  • Photo Club
  • The Pitches (girls a cappella)
  • Poetry Club
  • Pokemon Fan Club Conference
  • Programming Club
  • Project CA
  • Psychology Club
  • Quiz Bowl
  • Recycling
  • Reggae Appreciation Club
  • Republican Club
  • The Scallion
    (student humor newspaper)
  • Science Fiction Club
  • Science Topics Club
  • Slam Poetry
  • Snack Club
  • South Asian Students Conference
  • Spanish Club
  • Speech and Debate
  • Swing Dance Club
  • Tea Club
  • The Harry Potter Club
  • The Improv Club
  • Theater Outings
  • Tour Guides
  • Umoja (African American/African Caribbean affinity group)
  • Women’s Organization
    Women’s Organization is an open forum for members of the CA community to discuss gender in the context of today’s society. Women’s Org. is a place of awareness, affinity, debate, and activism. We strive to educate community members to recognize gender inequality in its various forms, on institutional and individual levels, and to provide them with the tools to make meaningful change, however small.
  • Word Club
  • Yearbook
  • Youth in Philanthrophy (YIP)
  • Young Democrats