The Heartwood Society was created to recognize and thank alums, family, and friends who have made a bequest or planned gift to Concord Academy. 

In June 1957, the carving of verses 1 through 8 of Paul’s first epistle to the Corinthians was installed in the Elizabeth B. Hall Chapel — a place we all know, understand, and believe in. Over the course of a year, students had chiseled each letter in pine heartwood, taken from the dense inner core of the tree. Strong and particularly resistant, this material ensured that these words would remain a fixture at CA. Our Heartwood Society members have named Concord Academy in their estate plans or made planned gifts or bequests to the school, preserving their belief in CA’s mission and extending their support into the school’s next century

By becoming a Heartwood Society member, you join the company of many who have helped to provide for generations of students and scholars to come. Most importantly, you will be making an invaluable contribution to securing the future for Concord Academy.

Heartwood Society members have endowed faculty chairs and scholarships, expanded the resources of the school, helping to sustain innovative programs, created fellowships, and made possible a variety of facilities initiatives. However you choose to support Concord Academy, your Heartwood Society membership will serve as an inspiration to all who share your vision for Concord Academy’s future.

Concord Academy expresses its deep gratitude to the Heartwood Society members for supporting future generations of students. The Heartwood Society honors those alums, parents, current and former members of the faculty and staff, and friends who have remembered Concord Academy in their estate plans to benefit the school.


Anonymous (6)
Susan and Bill Adams P’98
Leslie and D. Pike Aloian P’03
Kathleen Fisk Ames ’65 and Charles Ames P’95
Wendy Arnold ’65
John Arsenault ’06
Elizabeth Smith Bagby* ’40
Annie and Benjamin Bailey ’91
William Bailey P’87 ’88 ’91, GP’21 ’22
Morley* and Arthur* Ballantine P’66 ’69
Caroline Ballard ’72
Holladay Rust Bank ’72
Myrtle* and John* Barber P’80
Anne Bartlett ’75
Susan Bastress ’70
Carol Anne Beach and Tara Bradley
Alice Beal ’68
Mary Shaw Beard ’50, GP’21 ’24
Nancy Beecher* P’70 ’72 ’76
Donald Bell ’76
Patricia Wolcott Berger ’47
Diana Jewell Bingham ’54
Sally Farnsworth Blackett* ’58
Elizabeth Fenollosa Boege ’61
Rachel Countryman and John Bracker
Alice Rogers Brown* ’47
Kathryn and David Burmon P’01
Jennifer Caskey ’67
Natalie Churchill ’60
Nancy Parker Clark* ’38, P’60 ’66, GP’93
Saundra Claster ’83
Rosemary Baldwin Coffin* ’40
Grace* and Lewis* Cohen P’91
Rebecca Wade Comstock ’82 and Richard Comstock P’17
Ellen Corkrum P’08
Alice Smith Cornish* ’40
David Cotney ’85
Anne Colt Couch* ’50 and Nathan Couch* P’75
Shane Curcuru ’85
Marguerite Cutler ’67
Van Nguyen and Anh Dang P’23
Carolyn Cox Dann ’72
Mary Wadsworth Darby ’68
Lucy Faulkner Davison ’52
Anna and Peter Davol P’88 ’93
Betsy Doughty Debevoise* ’30
Muriel Desloovere ’67
Lavinia Davis Downs ’53
Christine Fairchild ’75
Marian Ferguson ’63 and Richard Hawkins P’01
Mrs. Samuel Ferguson, Jr.* P’63, GP’01
Abigail Fisher ’82
Sarah Foss ’41
Dexter Foss*
Marion Freeman ’69
Sally Newhall Freestone ’62
Debbie and Keith Gelb ’88, P’24
Martha Taft Golden ’65
Cynthia Gorey ’82
Deborah Gray
Elizabeth Green ’91
Kathleen and John Green, Jr. P’91
Catherine Gunn ’84
Rhonda Canby and Alexander Gunn* P’84 ’87
Beverly Vassar Haas P’93 ’95 ’00
David Hamilton P’00
Andrew Herwitz ’79
Sarah Hewitt ’75
Diane L’Etoile Hood* ’53
Mary Leigh Morse Houston* ’47, P’74
Helen McIntosh Howe* ’36
Elizabeth Hubbard ’82
Gale Hurd ’61
Sandra Willett Jackson ’61
Ann and John Jacobs P’12
Alice Jayne ’97
Lucinda Jewell ’76
Jennifer Johnson ’59 and Joseph Duke GP’04 ’08 ’15
Robin Jones ’73
Marjorie Ogden Jones* ’26
Jennifer Keller ’86
Jared Keyes ’79
Jeremy Koff ’80
Alison Smith Lauriat ’64, P’94 ’96
Julia Stiffler Lavely ’78
Jane England Lewis* ’60
Marian Lindberg ’72, P’14
Lucia Woods Lindley* ’55
Helen Whiting Livingston* ’41 and John Calhoun* P’78
Sonia Lo ’84
Pauline Lord ’68 and David Harlow P’04
Mark Lu ’91
Shari and John Marquis P’18 ’21
David Matias ’86
Mary Anne Mayo ’72 and Stephen Nelson P’02
Matthew McCahill ’95
Jane Vance McCauley ’58
Philip McFarland P’80 ’84
Sylvia Mendenhall*
Elissa Meyers Middleton ’86
Eleanor Bingham Miller ’64
Phebe Miller ’67
Mary-Dixon Sayre Miller* ’40 and Albert Miller* P’67
Melissa Moye ’76
Susan Hall Mygatt P’99 ’01
Sylvia Fitts Napier ’57
Pamela and Paul Ness
Anne Chamberlin Newbury* ’29 and Egbert Newbury* P’57, GP’98
Clare Nunes* GP’15 ’18
Elizabeth Haight O’Connell ’72
Susan Sherer Osnos ’65
Cynthia Phelps* ’64
Mary Poole ’59
Edith Cowles Poor* ’39 and Charles Poor* P’67
Anne Hart Pope ’66, P’89
Erica Levine Powers ’61
Rosamond Smith Rea ’71 and Fred Rea
Alice Winslow Read* ’36
Holly Reed ’71
Aimee Reveno ’85
Elizabeth Hall Richardson ’55
Cary Ridder ’68
Frances Newbury Roddy* ’33
Suzanne Samson ’65
Denise Rueppel Santomero ’77
Harriet Sayre McCord ’74
Cynthia Perrin Schneider ’71
Joy Kidder Shane* ’40 and Charles Shane* P’64, GP’97
Adam Sheffer
Stephanie and Shep Shepard
Anne Michie Sherman* ’39
Elizabeth Simpson ’72
Catherine Smith ’71
Sally Sanford and Lowell Smith P’05 ’08
Thomas Smith ’08
Jorge Solares-Parkhurst ’94
Diane and Michael Spence P’04
Nathaniel Stevens ’84
Lucille and Sandy Stott
Rebecca Stumpf ’85
Eileen Sunderland ’57
Elizabeth Hauge Sword ’75
Ann Syring ’64
Stephen Teichgraeber
Jane Cushman Telling* ’40
Julia Terry ’59
Lillian Thomas* GP’97
Karen Braucher Tobin ’71
Katherine Douglas Torrey ’65
Edith Daniels Tucker* ’48
Annie and Joe* Twichell P’01 ’04
Mary Upton* ’60
Nancy and Peter Van Roekens GP’13
Mary Wadleigh* ’64, P’97
Blakeley Robinson Waite* ’49
Peter Wallis ’76
Stuart Warner ’77
Helen Warren* ’44
Victoria Wesson ’61
E. Whitney Ransome and Thomas Wilcox P’01
Penelope Brown Willing ’61
Rosemary Wilson ’59, P’94
Linden Havemeyer Wise ’70
Edith Clarke Wolff ’47
Marcia Johnston Wood ’75
Elizabeth Lund Zahniser ’71
Yuzhi Peng and Weihua Zhou P’19
LEGEND: GP – Grandparent; P – Parent; * – Deceased

If you are interested in learning more about joining the Heartwood Society through a bequest, annuity, or charitable trust, please contact:

Shep Shepard
Advancement and Planned Giving Officer
Concord Academy
166 Main Street
Concord, MA 01742

(978) 402-2258

Or, if you have already provided for such a gift, we invite you to share this information so that the school may acknowledge and recognize you as a member.