The Joan Shaw Herman Award for Distinguished Service

Award recipients have exemplified the qualities of generosity and selflessness and the capacity to labor untiringly on behalf of others. These outstanding community members have shared with us their own visions of a better world. They challenge us to challenge ourselves.

Dr. Adnan Zubcevic ’75 was the recipient of the 2022 Centennial Joan Shaw Herman Award for Distinguished Service. The Joan Shaw Herman Award is presented annually to a member of the CA alumnae/i community whose life reflects a fundamental value cultivated at CA: service. Dr. Zubcevic joins an impressive group of recipients who hold this honor and who have inspired us all to lead lives of meaning and purpose. In this milestone year, we bestowed this award on April 22, 2022, CA’s 100th birthday. Read about the presentation.

Adnan Zubcevic ’75Dr. Adnan Zubcevic ’75 has devoted over 25 years to advocating for immigrants and refugees and their mental health. He has managed programs at the International Institute of Boston, created the Refugee and Immigrant Health Program at Massachusetts General Hospital, and founded the Bosnian Community Center for Resource Development, based in Lynn, Mass. Zubcevic has also served on the Massachusetts Governor’s Advisory Council for Refugees and Immigrants and the state’s Multicultural Advisory Committee for refugee and immigrant mental health. Zubcevic chaired the Massachusetts Mutual Assistance Coalition (MAA Coalition) for several years and has presented at various state, national, and international conferences and meetings addressing the mental health and social needs of newly arrived groups and refugees to the United States. He writes,“My strongest passion has always been direct service to my patients or clients–I like to call them partners–and nothing makes me happier than to see their success in the U.S.”

Many thanks to the 2022 Joan Shaw Herman Award Selection Committee:

Jimmy Cai ’22
Hannah Fine ’22
Camden Francis ’22
Isabella Ginsburg ’23
Alexis Goltra ’87
Betsy Green ’91
Karen McAlmon ’75
Emmy McCormack ’22
Kate Rea Schmitt ’62 P’88, Chair
Shreya Patel ’21
Stuart Warner ’77

The Joan Shaw Herman Award

The Joan Shaw Herman Award for Distinguished Service is the only award given in the Concord Academy community. It was established in 1976 in honor of Joan Shaw Herman ’46, who was paralyzed from the neck down after contracting polio the summer after her graduation. Although she was confined to an iron lung for much of the remainder of her life, she worked constantly for the improvement of the lives of disabled persons. Herman’s devotion to others exemplifies a common value instilled in the CA experience—a lifelong commitment to service. 

Each year, the Concord Academy Alumnae/i Association presents the Joan Shaw Herman Award to a member of the CA community who has demonstrated dedication to service in either a professional or volunteer capacity. Nominees may be of any age and may be recognized posthumously. While Concord Academy is fortunate to be supported by many wonderful volunteers, this award is not for service to Concord Academy but to the world at large. Learn more about Herman and the award.


We invite you to nominate peers to be future Joan Shaw Herman Award recipients. Your nominations are both inspiring and humbling. It is a testament to the values of the CA community that we choose to give our only award in recognition of service. We look forward to hearing the stories of and tributes to your extraordinary classmates. Thank you in advance for your thoughtful submission.

About Herman’s “Christmastide” Painting


“Christmastide” was painted by Joan Shaw Herman ’46 and copied from a color photo taken by Elizabeth Wheeler. It was painted with a brush held in her teeth and was begun March 1959 and finished October 1960.

Past Award Recipients

Our impressive field of past honorees have made their mark through work in medicine, the arts, social justice, environmentalism, education, science, and more.

Adnan Zubcevic ’75

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Kate Morse Erwin ’69

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Jennifer Moulton ’67 (posthumously)

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Sarah Foss ’41

Wendy Arnold ’65

Betsy Atwood Nelson ’55

Ann McKinstry Micou ’48

Rosemary Baldwin Coffin ’40

Helen Whiting Livingston ’41

Doreen Young, past faculty (posthumously)

Cynthia Creelman Hill ’50

Ruth Brooks Drinker ’31

Elizabeth Monroe Boggs ’31
Margaret Lincoln Marshall ’31

Joan Shaw Herman ’46 (posthumously)