The CA Annual Fund is a pillar of the school’s revenue. This collective, community-driven fund fills the gap not covered by tuition and endowment income. This resource is powerful in its immediacy, and it must be replenished every year in order to sustain core programs and fulfill the school’s mission.


In 2022–23, we asked the CA community to deliver $3,100,000 in contributions to the Annual Fund — 10 percent of the school’s operating budget. Your belief and confidence in the school, demonstrated through your contributions, are the true gifts that propel us forward.

Strength in Numbers

Your gifts to the Annual Fund accomplish more than you might imagine…


Total raised
for the 2022-23 Annual Fund


Total raised by current parents
for the 2022-23 Annual Fund


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to the 2022-23 Annual Fund




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Elizabeth Crowley
Director of the Annual Fund
(978) 402-2229