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The CA Annual Fund is a pillar of the school’s revenue. This collective, community-driven fund fills the gap not covered by tuition and endowment income. This resource is powerful in its immediacy, and it must be replenished every year in order to sustain core programs and fulfill the school’s mission.
In 2018–19, we are asking the CA community to deliver $2,900,000 in contributions to the Annual Fund — 11 percent of the school’s operating budget. Your belief and confidence in the school, demonstrated through your contributions, are the true gifts that propel us forward.


Strength in Numbers

Your gifts to the Annual Fund accomplish more than you might imagine…

  • $2.94m
    Total raised for the 2017-18 Annual Fund
  • $1.22m
    Total raised by current parents for the 2017-18 Annual Fund

  • 1,935
    Number of donors to the 2017-18 Annual Fund

  • 1042
  • 258
    Current Parents
  • 262
    Parents of Alumnae/i
  • 87
    Grandparents + Friends
  • 286
    Faculty + Staff


View our 2017-18 Annual Report.


Student and Faculty Profiles

  • A.J. Casner ’11
    “CA was my home for 4 years. There I found friends to last my entire lifetime. I know that my time there will stand out against the backdrop of my life unlike any other event I care to remember. This is just one way in which I hope to give back to the place that shaped who I am today.”
  • Member of the Class of 2012, Financial Aid Recipient
    “Thank you for everything. I cannot express how much I appreciate the generosity of donors, because you are truly changing lives. I hope later in the future I can also give back to CA just as you have, because it does provide kids with opportunities that they would not have otherwise. ”
  • Will Byrne ’02
    “I invested because CA exposed me to a new diversity of perspectives, and fostered my own ability to think critically, helping to build my confidence to make positive change in how I live my life. I want other young people to have the same chance.”
  • Walter Judge ’78
    “I give because CA provided an atmosphere of sheer academic excellence populated by caring, master educators who wanted nothing more or nothing less than for their students to understand and excel. CA gave me an outstanding education. ”
  • Member of the Class of 2012, Financial Aid Recipient
    “I am indebted to your generosity and love of Concord Academy. This kindness has afforded me a rare education: to find new opportunity, refine my skills, and prepare to enter the adult world.”
  • Lily Varon ’04
    “I donated because I am still blown away at how much freedom, creativity, and respect the faculty and staff bestow onto the students. I am a better person because of it (and had a richer high school experience because of it, too).”
  • Jennifer Beal ‘79, P’12
    “Having experienced CA as both a student ‘79 and a parent ‘12, I know that the values instilled in us of integrity, creativity, and thoughtfulness will continue to impact the world. Thank you!”