Day Student Life


Stand on Main Street early on a weekday morning and you’ll see CA’s day students arrive. Nearly one hundred take the commuter train from Boston and Cambridge, sharing the same compartment each morning, then the three-block walk to campus.


Others emerge from car pools, carrying backpacks, instruments, and athletic gear. CA’s day students come from all over greater Boston and make up about half the student body. Day students give CA the flavor of Boston and its suburbs, a complement to the national and worldwide perspective of the boarding community.

Day students love being day students. They have all the resources of a boarding school, including three meals a day if they want them, after-hours access to teachers, evening study halls, and a library that’s open late. But they also enjoy the comfort of returning home, and many of their parents are active in the CA community.

“It’s the best of both worlds. This is a community where everyone is included wholly, so the divide between day and boarding students really isn’t there. At CA, it’s cool to have people from all over the world in the boarding community, and it’s equally good to have diversity among locals.”

– CA Day Student