The press of a hand on wet clay. The scent of rosin on a bow. The bend toward the barre.

What’s unique about the arts as a vehicle for intellectual and emotional growth is that they allow us to unite body and mind. They exercise the imagination, strengthen community, and enliven the experience of being human. At Concord Academy, the arts are a vibrant part of our balanced and integrated curriculum. The quality of instruction and resources, the breadth of offerings, and the opportunities for interdisciplinary exploration, are nearly unmatched among secondary schools. This commitment to the arts is born from a simple but powerful conviction: All students deserve the opportunity to explore and refine their own unique creative voices.

As with science, math, and languages, the study of the arts requires us to ask questions, solve problems, and explore and respond to the world around us. That’s why we consider the arts an academic discipline. In arts instruction in particular, we build skills in service of exploration and expression. We balance the teaching of technique and craftsmanship with a respect for intuition and inspiration. And we view final projects—whether performances or finished works of art—as both results of dedication and focus, as well as opportunities to enliven the community. Through shows, screenings, and performances on campus throughout the year, CA students are engaged in an ongoing artistic dialogue.

CA arts faculty—all working professional artists in their fields—bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, and energy to the classroom. In turn, we as teachers are inspired by the devotion, intelligence, and passion of our students. Small class sizes allow us to tailor lessons to our students’ talents and to customize programs of study to individual skills and interests.

If you’re an accomplished painter or pianist, you’ll find support for practice, performance, and preparation for higher levels of study. If you’re experimenting with throwing a bowl, writing a play, dancing in a company, or making a narrative film, you’ll find support for discovery and academically rich development.

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