Freddie Tunnard ’07
Freddie Tunnard is an Emmy award-winning coordinating producer for NBC News. In this current role, Freddie partners with Senior Washington Correspondent Hallie Jackson to cover political and policy-based stories from around the country that air on NBC’s Today Show, Nightly News, and NBC News Now. Prior to her work with Hallie, Freddie spent three years covering the White House for NBC News. Freddie was on the front lines of NBC’s coverage of the 2020 presidential election, the Trump administration’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, and both of former President Trump’s impeachment trials. She traveled the country and the world covering the Trump administration, and was one of a small group of journalists accompanying the former president during his surprise visit to the DMZ and North Korea. In her 10 years at NBC News, Freddie has also held positions as a manager on the domestic news gathering team, as a producer on the MSNBC planning team, and as an assignment editor on the 2016 presidential election coverage team. She first joined NBC News as an executive assistant. Freddie graduated from Columbia University in New York and worked as a foster care caseworker before making the jump to journalism. She splits her time between Boston and New York, and is inseparable from her rescue dog, Lil.