2022–23 Report of the Alum Association

Each year, alums contribute to the life of the school, both on campus and within the greater CA community. We are proud to share the contributions of our alum networks from this special Centennial year in the 2022–23 Report of the Alum Association.

CA Alum Association
Mission Statement

The Alum Association fosters lifelong connections between Concord Academy and its alum community. The Association facilitates meaningful opportunities to preserve and promote a love of learning, service to others, and a commitment to diverse perspectives and backgrounds. Through involvement in the life of the school, within the community, and through service to the greater world, the Association strives to renew and affirm the core values instilled while at CA.

2022–23 Alum Volunteer Leadership

2023-24 New Officers and Leadership

*as of September 27, 2023

Adam Geer ’99

Adam Geer ’99

Co-Chair, Community & Equity Committee

Adam Geer serves as the City of Philadelphia’s Deputy Inspector General for Public Safety. In this police oversight role, he works with leadership from various city agencies and stakeholders to improve public trust in the fairness and efficacy of local law enforcement. Adam previously served as an Assistant District Attorney for the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office (DAO). A veteran of the DAO, he was most recently assigned as a prosecutor in the Homicide Unit, while also serving as the Office’s Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Adam serves on the boards for the Sarita and Claire Wright Lucas Foundation, Women Against Abuse, the Eastern Passyunk Avenue Business Improvement District and Prosecution Leaders of Now. He is a graduate of New York University and received his law degree from Temple University. He is a frequent speaker and lecturer on public safety matters and was featured in NPR’s Podcast, “Stop and Frisk – Revisit or Resist”.

Adam lives in South Philadelphia with his wife and two daughters.

Betsy Green ’91

Betsy Green ’91

Chair, Joan Shaw Herman Award

Betsy has served on the Joan Shaw Herman Award Selection Committee for two years, reflecting “every year I am impressed and inspired by the amazing accomplishments of my fellow CA alums.” Since graduating from CA, Betsy has earned a Bachelor of Arts from Washington University in St. Louis, a Master of Social Work from Simmons University and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from New York University. She currently works as a school nurse in Wayland, Mass., where she lives with her husband, step-daughter, and Golden Retriever, Fenway.

Natalie Krajcir ’02

Natalie Krajcir ’02

Chair, Class Secretary Program

Natalie has served as a class secretary for 21 years. Since graduating from CA, Natalie earned a Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Wittenberg University, pursued her Medical Doctorate, and became a RESNA Certified Assistive Technology Professional. She worked as a Preclinical R&D Scientist as well as Clinical Laboratory Manager. Currently, Natalie is in a dual clinical and sales role as a Complex Rehabilitation ATP Territory Manager in Chicago, Ill.

Philip Stefani ’13

Philip Stefani ’13

Chair, Chicago Regional

Philip is originally from New Jersey and graduated from CA in 2013. Since then, he attended college in Washington, taught English in China, was a commercial fisherman in Alaska, and now sell software in Chicago, Ill. In his free time, Philip likes to read, cook, play guitar, and explore the Chicago area.

A special thanks to Michael Lichtenstein ’94, Theo Nuñez ’18, Nella Rasic ’09, Paolo Sanchez ’14, and Kate Rea Schmitt ’62, P’88, for their service and support of the alum community over these last several years.

2022–23 Alum Initiatives and Programs

The CA Alum Admissions Network

Maris Hubbard ’12 and Dat Le ’06, Co-Chairs

The CA Alum Admissions Network continued to be an invaluable asset supporting the ultimate goal of the Admissions Office: to meet, seek, and welcome young people and families who are aligned with and help move our community closer to our mission.

With thoughtfulness and curiosity, our awesome alum volunteers offered prospective parents and guardians a glimpse into who their child might become and what values their child may embody as young adults. Prospective students similarly find in our alum interviewers an aspirational version of themselves: the thoughtful, curious, grounded, and engaged citizen, friend or colleague that they themselves hope to become long after they graduate from high school (and for some, from CA!). The lived CA experiences of our dedicated alum interviewers help prospective students start to envision how CA could be a community where they can be and become the most authentic versions of themselves.

The Admissions Team is deeply grateful for the flexibility and warmth each interviewer extended to prospective families, whether through in-person or virtual interviews. We are incredibly fortunate for this year’s interviewers; for their commitment to helping prospective families navigate the virtual interview process; and for being authentic ambassadors for the CA experience.

A special thank you to the 2022–23 Alum Admissions Interviewers

Abigail Cohen ’01
Dat Le ’06
Jimmy Hall ’04
Maris Hubbard ’12
Paolo Sanchez ’14

Alum Community and Equity Committee

Meisha Newman ’94 and Paolo Sanchez ’14, Co-Chairs

We were pleased to welcome back to campus this spring 40 alums for the inaugural Alums of Color Reunion. Thank you to the Alums of Color Reunion Planning Committee for all their hard work in making this event a reality: Trelane Clark ’92 P’22, Adam Geer ’99, Karen McAlmon ’75, Anthony Neal ’77, Meisha Newman ’94, Shanika Paul ’15, Jocelyn Ronda ’02, Paolo Sanchez ’14, Sharon Shakur ’80, and Elly Veloria ’16. It was a weekend of connection, reflection, and impact, with participants engaging with both alums and students alike.

The weekend left a distinct impression: the collective aspiration to establish a more robust support system for our students of color. While we are committed to providing an exceptional education that fosters diversity, inclusivity, and personal growth, CA also recognizes that BIPOC students face moments that are in conflict with our intentions as an inclusive school dedicated to equity. In alignment with CA’s mission, we are launching the Alums of Color Mentorship Program to cultivate a stronger support network for our students of color. Alums of color are welcome to express their interest in becoming a mentor by completing this form.

Regional Alum Committees

Theo Nunez ’18, Chicago Chair
Gary Zheng ’14, International Alum Greater Asia Chair
Emily Potts Callejas ’92 and Nella Rasic ’09, New England Regional Co-Chairs
Noah Fisk ’93 and Gabe Greenberg ’98, New York Area Regional Co-Chairs
Serena Frechter ’14 and Julia Packman ’14, Washington, D.C. Regional Co-Chairs

CA’s centennial year brought Chameleons together far and wide! Nearly 200 alums gathered in-person across the US in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C., and virtually for our international alums, to meet the new head of school, Henry Fairfax, and toast the start of CA’s second century. Many thanks to the following individuals for helping make our regional events a success:

Emily Potts Callejas ’92, P’26
Michael Edwards ’98
Noah Fisk ’93
Serena Frechter ’14
Gabe Greenberg ’98
Olivia Howard ’97
Natalie Krajcir ’02
Theo Nunez ’18
Alexander Ocampo ’10
Julia Packman ’14
Pamella Pearl ’86
Nella Rasic ’09
Philip Stefani ’13
Kelsey Stratton ’99
Margaret Walker ’63
Gary Zheng ’14
Peter Zimble ’86


We look forward to offering many more opportunities to connect with fellow Chameleons in your area in the coming year.

Interested in hosting an alum gathering in your area? Contact Merrill Genoa, annual fund and alum programs officer.


The 2023 Joan Shaw Herman Award for Distinguished Service

Kate Rea Schmitt ’62, P’88, Chair

Established in 1976, the Joan Shaw Herman Award for Distinguished Service is presented annually to a member of the CA community. The school’s only award recognizes the work of CA graduates who have demonstrated dedication to service in either a professional or volunteer capacity.

Chris Rosenberg ’86 was honored with the 2023 Joan Shaw Herman Award for Distinguished Service on April 21. During a school-wide assembly, Chris captivated the campus community with a heartfelt reflection on his journey as both an educator and administrator. He shared his unwavering faith in the transformative power of education and his view that teaching has been his form of social activism.

A special thank you to the 2022–23 Joan Shaw Herman Award Selection Committee

Katharine Rea Schmitt ’62, Chair
Stuart Warner ’77
Alexis Goltra ’87
Elizabeth Green ’91
Shreya Patel ’21
Isabella Ginsburg ’23
Lynn Lewis ’24
Irene Jiang ’24
João Martins ’23
Aina Tasso ’23
Chiara Wanandi ’24

To nominate a member of the community for the Joan Shaw Herman Award, click here.

Class Secretary Program

Michael Lichtenstein ’94, Chair

This year’s secretaries collected hundreds of class notes and photos for the summer edition of CA Magazine. Alums across 9 decades, from the classes of 1946 through 2022, wrote in to share news with their classmates and the school. Class notes make up a significant portion of the summer CA Magazine each year and this unwavering response is due to the breadth of alum connections that continue to endure and flourish. We are continuously grateful to our class secretaries for their time and efforts, and the pivotal role they play in fostering these connections within our vibrant community. During this milestone year for our school, class secretaries worked diligently to maintain one of CA’s oldest alum traditions and honor the school’s past, present, and future. We thank them for their role in documenting part of CA’s history through class notes.

Concord Academy Young Alum Community (CAYAC) Committee

Eliza Grossman ’17, Becca Miller ’14, and Miriam Perez-Putnam ’12, Co-Chairs

Members of the CAYAC Committee worked together to keep alums in the classes of 2008–2022 connected to one another and CA. They represented this cohort at a variety of events throughout the year and encouraged classmates and friends to join them in attending CA’s series of regional events, the inaugural Alums of Color Reunion, the Centennial Celebration, and more. They also modeled support of the 2022–23 Annual Fund and encouraged their peers to join them through steady personal outreach. This summer, members of the Committee helped to welcome the 92 newest alums from the class of 2023 into the Alum Association with personal welcome emails. Thank you to the entire CAYAC Committee for all of its hard work and continued commitment to engaging and supporting CA’s youngest alums!

Alum Annual Fund

Tess Munro Bauta ’94, P’25 and Alexis Goltra ’87, P’26, 27, Co-Chairs

The generosity from CA’s global community of alums this year was truly astounding. Nearly 900 alums contributed $1,340,961 to the Annual Fund, a 6% increase compared to last year’s results and setting a new alum giving record! Combined with gifts from current parents and grandparents, parents and grandparents of alums, faculty, staff, students, and friends, the Annual Fund totaled $3,244,275 from 1,588 individuals—exceeding the $3.1 million 2022-23 Annual Fund goal. Every dollar raised through this critical, community-driven fund goes directly to fuel CA’s programs, people, and learning environment. Below is a snapshot of alum Annual Fund giving results for the last three years:

FY23 Alum Annual Fund Total as of June 30, 2023 = $1,340,961 (878 donors)
FY22 Alum Annual Fund Total as of June 30, 2022 = $1,270,495 (965 donors)
FY21 Alum Annual Fund Total as of June 30, 2021 = $1,269,237 (962 donors)

Overall alum participation in the Annual Fund reached 18%. Though a slight overall decline compared to the previous two years, over 450 alums continued their tradition of giving to the Annual Fund for five or more consecutive years—accountinged for 70% of the total alum dollars and 51% of the total alum donors. Consistent, yearly alum support makes a huge difference at CA and this loyal group of alum Storytellers Society members provides a strong foundation of support that the school can count on year after year.

In addition, alums in our 3s and 8s reunion classes celebrated their milestone reunions by generously supporting the school. Giving in these classes totaled $241,934 and represented nearly 18% of alum donors and 23% of alum dollars.

We are very grateful to the dedicated members of the Alum Annual Fund Committee (AAF) who worked tirelessly throughout the year to make over 150 personal connections across the globe and invite alum support of the school. Co-Chairs, Alexis Goltra ’87, P’26 ’27 and Tess Munro Bauta ’94, P’25, along with committee members, Jake Bartlett ’91, Becky Seamans Egea ’93, Peter Li ’02, Matt McCahill ’95, and Caragh McLaughlin ’88 are the driving force behind these impressive alum results and are essential to the school’s success and growth.

Giving to the Annual Fund is the most impactful way to support CA and we appreciate each and every alum who affirmed their confidence in the school’s mission by investing in the people and programs at the heart of this school. Your personal gift ensures that a CA education continues to be a transformative one.

Alum Association Student Representatives

Isabella Ginsburg ’23, Lynn Lewis ’24, Irene Jiang ’24, João Martins ’23, Aina Tasso ’23, and Chiara Wanandi ’24

Throughout the year, our Student Representatives shared their experiences and perspectives about living and learning at CA today with our alum volunteers. They met regularly, attended Alum Steering Committee meetings, and partnered with the Advancement and Engagement Office on educating the student body about alum engagement and philanthropy at CA. In addition to serving on the Joan Shaw Herman Award Selection Committee, introducing alum guest speakers at special events, and offering tours during the Centennial Celebration, they supported the Annual Fund by participating in and leading the All Community Campaign, and successfully launching a new and improved Student Thank-a-thon model. We are grateful for their partnership and proud to have them representing CA. We look forward to staying connected with Isabella, Aina, and João as young alums, working with Lynn and Irene again next year, and welcoming more new reps in the fall!

Concord Academy's Centennial

Centennial Book

No single perspective can capture the influence Concord Academy has had on its graduates—and in the world. That’s why for CA’s Centennial, it felt only fitting to commemorate the school’s first 100 years with a book that features the memories of alums from every generation.

Rather than a comprehensive history, Concord Academy at 100: Voices from the First Century is a testament to the celebration of both individuality and community that guided CA throughout its first century and continues to animate the school today. Former faculty member and author Lucille Stott spoke with more than 300 alums to inform this cultural retrospective.

As part of the Centennial, Lucille hosted a number of virtual book discussions in the winter of 2023, bringing together alums, parents, and former faculty and staff to share their memories of their experiences at CA.

If you would like to order a copy of the book, please contact David Micali, advancement and engagement communications project manager.

2023 Centennial Hall Fellow

For the past six decades, CA has awarded the Hall Fellow lectureship to a wide array of accomplished individuals. Sebastian Junger ’80 was honored with the 2023 Centennial Hall Fellowship on May 12.

Sebastian is the internationally acclaimed best-selling author of The Perfect Storm, Fire, A Death in Belmont, War, Tribe, and Freedom, as well as celebrated director of several documentary films. Throughout his visit to campus, he provided a unique perspective on his experiences as a war reporter and writer.

Centennial Davidson Lecture

Since the Anne E. and Jane S. Davidson Lectureship Fund was established in 1966, it has brought distinguished speakers to Concord Academy. This Centennial year brought Emmy Award-winning documentarian Ken Dornstein P’23 who spoke to campus on November 18. Ken spoke about his experience as a documentary filmmaker and making the award-winning film My Brother’s Bomber (2015), a three-part series that led to the first new charges in the Lockerbie bombing, the biggest terrorism case in the U.S. prior to the September 11 attacks.

2022 Environmental Symposium

Each year, Concord Academy offers an evening environmental science course which invites three professional environmental scientists and activists to lecture on their work. Taught by Gretchen Roorbach, this year welcomed conservationist Wendy Bennett ’72 on November 7, Middlesex School biology and environmental science teacher Willy Hutcheson on November 14, and professor of climate policy Tony Patt ’83 on December 8. Wendy spoke about her work for the Nature Conservancy’s Africa Council, Willy spoke about bird migrations, and Tony spoke virtually from Zurich, describing how “we’re seeing signs of change” in the fight against climate change.

Centennial Day of Music

On April 5, students were treated to an assembly with Grammy nominated pianist and composer Larry Goldings ’86. Playing pieces inspired by his time at CA and using a student’s phone number to create a song in front of the audience’s eyes, Larry said he learned he wanted to be a musician at CA. Sharing his wisdom, Larry remarked on the importance of imitation when first learning but “the thing about influences is that it’s important to try to transcend them.”

Centennial Celebration

From June 9–11, 2023, more than 600 CA community members gathered at Concord Academy for the culminating Centennial Celebration. The festivities were unforgettable and encapsulated the power of a CA education. The weekend included reunion class gatherings, panels, tours, and performances.

CA’s Mission in Motion: Centennial Speaker Series” was the celebration’s centerpiece, highlighting the voices of 30 alums who discussed topics ranging from documentary filmmaking to robotic exoskeleton design to leading through public service and the future of education—all true agents of positive change.

The Centennial Celebration was filled with vibrant moments that brought generations together and created connections only possible at CA.

The Centennial Campaign

During this time of reflection and celebration, we have also made a bold commitment to CA’s future. The Concord Academy Centennial Campaign aims to meet clear needs for today’s students and will prepare the school for a new era. Two key initiatives are at the center of this important endeavor. The construction of the new Centennial Arts Center will provide students with space needed to pursue their creative inquiries. Significant investment in CA’s endowment will provide long-term health for the school, allowing CA to attract and support exceptional students, regardless of their financial circumstances. Achieving the $50 million+ goal is within reach and we are inviting everyone, through collective effort and shared dedication, to bring the campaign to a successful close. Learn more about the campaign and how you can get involved here.

Stay Connected

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Interested in volunteering? There are a variety of ways to share your time and talents with the community, whether you’re local to Concord or across the globe. Click here to learn more!!