CA’s curriculum is both rigorous and as wide as you can dream.


This is a place where students love to learn, where creativity and trust are abundant natural resources, and where the history and literature of New England enrich us every day.

Concord Academy’s exceptional faculty inspires students to ask the right questions, not simply find the right answers. Our students benefit from the richness of human interaction through our small class sizes. In class, teachers and students work in close partnership as they explore a rigorous academic curriculum characterized by wide-as-you-can-dream elective choices unified by common skill development across ages and departments. CA students are encouraged to share, discuss, and dissent as they learn to think with analytical power, imagination, and creativity.

The academics program is not one size fits all. Students can—and are encouraged to—discover their passion. Compose a string quartet, study your own DNA, analyze the geometry of sacred art—these are all possible at CA. At Concord Academy, learning is driven by the desire to do one’s best work, not by competition. CA is a “no prize” school, with no class rank and no academic awards. Our mission is to inspire our students to become lifelong learners who grow into young adults with informed opinions, clear goals, and the confidence they need to leave their mark on the world.

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