The strength of the independent school tradition lies not in any one approach to learning but in the variety of missions, histories, and programs available among the nation’s leading schools.


The best of these schools assemble a superior faculty and student body, are faithful to a clearly understood educational mission, and take full advantage of their special cultural environments. Since 1922, Concord Academy’s highest priority has been the support and development of informed and inspired teaching.

Many of our faculty members relish life in houses on campus, sharing their domestic worlds with students. Others bring the breadth of their lives away from the campus to their work in the classroom. All bring singularly strong academic and professional credentials to their work. Our faculty combines many of the qualifications of a university faculty with the commitment to individual students that is the hallmark of independent schools. By allowing teachers to choose the way in which they contribute their vitality to students’ lives, we are able to assemble an outstanding group of scholars and professionals who bring true expertise and enthusiasm to the learning experience

No single teaching style dominates at Concord Academy; teachers are free to use the methods that best serve their students, the subject, and their own inclinations. A low student-faculty ratio encourages discussion and the development of ideas. It also allows teachers to pay attention to individual students, both in and out of the classroom. Alumnae/i remember their relationships with advisors and teachers as among the most rewarding aspects of their education at CA. This special commitment to students and to the classroom experience, coupled with a comprehensive program of sabbaticals and professional development, supports academic excellence.