See what faculty are teaching and what projects Concord students are pursuing this spring

In this unprecedented time, although we are not currently on campus together, we are pleased to give you a glimpse into the vibrant academic community at Concord Academy.

To respect and protect the security of our online classrooms, we are not able to share links to our live learning environments, but we are excited to offer this variety of lenses into our academic program, in its typical operation as well as in our current distance learning format. Below you will find links to videos from faculty and information about our curriculum. You will have the opportunity to hear directly from faculty about the courses they teach, view parts of recorded classes, and see examples of assignments and syllabi.

For an overview of our distance learning plan for the spring of 2020, please read this PDF here, which outlines our current plan, including our goals, structure, and support mechanisms. 

Faculty Recordings

See how Concord is adapting to this unprecedented time, and what faculty are teaching students this Spring.

Head of School Rick Hardy’s Spring Opening Chapel

First Community Meeting – Spring 2020

Community Meeting – National Poetry Month

Science Department Head Amy Kumpel’s Accelerated Physics course

Director of Studies and English Faculty Alyse Ruiz-Selsky’s Second Generation Stories course

Math Faculty George Larivee’s Geometry exercise

English Faculty Nancy Boutilier & Sabrina Sadique Discuss Sophomore English

History Faculty Ed Rafferty’s Early Modern China course

Modern and Classical Languages Faculty and Poet Laureate of Worcester Juan Matos original poetry reading

Science Department Head Amy Kumpel on Engineering at CA

Math Department Chair Mark Engerman on Choosing Math Courses at CA

History Faculty Stephanie Manzella on the 1619 Project Class

The Centipede with Lily Gray ’20 and Anna Sander ’20

Gender Through Black Mirrors with English Faculty Sabrina Sadique

Computer Science & Big Data with Haley Wixom ’20

English Department Head Ayres Stiles-Hall on 9th Grade English

English Faculty Laurence Vanleynseele on the Literature of Paris

English Faculty Nick Hiebert on Thoreau and the Literature of Concord

Sample Dance Class

English Department Head Ayres Stiles-Hall on the Progression of Skills

History Faculty Topi Dasgupta on the History of Migration

Senior Projects

Senior projects allow students to conclude their time at Concord Academy with self-designed, faculty-supported, individualized study and one-of-a-kind experiences. Here are some of the projects our students are pursuing this year.


Analyzing Albums and Creating a Music Blog Analyzing Fermentation Processes Around the Globe Animated Latin Textbook Batik Dyeing and Cultural History
Cookbook Focused on Sustainability Create Syllabus for an Advanced History Course about Gender, Race, and Medical Intervention Creating an Aquaponics System Data Education
Design & Construct a Minibike EEE Virus & Climate Change Examining & Reducing Food Waste at CA Explore Understandings of Kindness & Empathy and Interviewing Senior Peers to Gather Insights
Focusing on a Chapter from Organic Chemistry and Developing Lesson Plans for How to Effectively Teach Concepts Healthcare and Immigration from Latin America Heroic Crown of Sonnets Historical Screenplay About Isabella I of Castile
History of Telling Time and Constructing Different Timepieces Interactive Digital Art Exhibit International Pediatrics Project Mapping Rise & Fall of Ethiopian Royal Family
Oral History on Cambodian Women Reflecting on High School Experience Through Painting & Storytelling Repairing Motors (Learn about Function and Operation) Screenplay Adaptation
Screenwriting and Animation Sexuality Education Curriculum Sketchbook and Correlating Concept Album Unheard Voices in China 1960-Present
Women’s Foundation of Boston Volunteer + Examining Function of the Carceral System in Massachusetts and How Fundraising and Non-profit Work Functions for Women

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