Good luck in your future endeavors, whatever opportunities and challenges you may encounter in life, Concord's mission and values will stand you in good stead.


Congratulations, Sam R!! Remember, you'll always have a home at Brown's Slash & Stack. You feel like fam.
Surely you'll shine at UC, but we'll miss you. Come visit. xo

Abby Nicholson

Congratulations on making it through an unprecedented senior year. Wishing you all a Zoom-free college experience!

Lily Lamboy

There's so much waiting for you, and you're so prepared to meet it. Enjoy all this summer has to offer and congratulations for all you've accomplished!

Christina Avakian

Go forth and work faithfully !
All the best !

Christina Avakian ‘19

The Daffner family

Go forth, and keep CA close to your heart!