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Little Inventors (gr. 1-4) *NEW*

Little Inventors  *NEW for 2022*
2022 Dates: June 27 – July 1
rising 1-4 grades
Cost: $780

Are you ready to innovate with SPARK? Get your creative juices flowing in this project-based program, where you will identify the need for an invention, think on your feet, and create real structures and solutions. Hands-on activities include building free-standing structures, and more. Programs culminate with business pitches and research projects on famous inventors!

Young Debaters (gr. 5-8) *NEW*

Young Debaters  *NEW for 2022*
2022 Dates: July 11 – 15
rising 5-8 grades
Cost: $780

Campers learn the art of persuasion and help select debate topics they find interesting. In a public forum debate format, campers work in groups and practice their debating skills in a supportive environment, including developing arguments, issuing rebuttals, providing examples, rebuilding their case and summarizing points of view. Campers learn to think on their feet and enhance their public-speaking skills, gaining self-confidence in the process.



Sports Management (gr. 5-8) *NEW*

Sports Management  *NEW for 2022*
2022 Dates: July 18 – 22
rising 5-8 grades
Cost: $780

For the sports lover, future team General Manager, sports team owner or ESPN analyst, this unique program helps campers view the world of sports from a business perspective. Campers participate in fun mock drafts for various sports and analyze different sports topics, including the value of sports teams, player compensation, college sports, endorsements, the Nike vs Under Armour competition, sports agents, the Super Bowl, e-sports and more!



Bulls & Bears Stock Market (gr. 5-8)

Bulls & Bears Stock Market 
2022 Dates: July 25 – 29
rising 5-8 grades
Cost: $780

Learn how you can start investing at a young age in this live and interactive program with SPARK, the financial literacy partner of many of the top schools in the US! Pick your own $100,000 stock portfolio and trade stocks like Apple, Nike or Amazon with a cool investing simulation tool. This innovative experience empowers campers with the tools and mindset to face future investment decisions with confidence and buy low, sell high! A solid foundation for successful future investors!



My First Lemonade Stand (gr. 1-4)

My First Lemonade Stand
2022 Dates: August 1 – 5
rising 1-4 grades
Cost: $780

Let’s sell lemonade! Young campers become “lemonade entrepreneurs” and learn how to make yummy lemonade and earn money selling it! From designing marketing flyers to estimating profits to experimenting with recipes, campers have fun all week while developing business savvy. As an optional showcase event, campers launch the lemonade stand on Friday to raise money for a charity they select!



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