Students and alumnae/i pose for a group photo on the steps of the Math and Arts Center on February 22 during the Alumnae/i and Students of Color Conference at Concord Academy.

On February 22, Concord Academy hosted its annual Alumnae/i and Students of Color Conference. More than 20 individuals — 12 students and 11 alumnae/i — took part in the event. A panel discussion took up the topics of race and equity at CA across decades, and in small group breakout sessions alumnae/i and students discussed the influence of a CA education on the college experience, considered a sense of belonging at CA, and reminisced about what drew them to this school.

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CA Honors Wrongful Conviction Day 2020 with a Program Convened by the Prison Justice Project Club

On September 30, more than 160 students and members of the CA community joined a videoconference in recognition of Wrongful Conviction Day. Convened by the Prison Justice Project club and CA history teacher Stephanie Manzella, this event offered students two opportunities to hear from exoneree Raymond Champagne, who was freed in July after serving 41 years for a crime he did not commit, and his attorney Lisa Kavanaugh P’22, director of the CPCS Innocence Program, part of the Massachusetts Public Defender’s Office.

Community and Equity Orientation

The Community and Equity Office has hosted three required orientation events for 9th graders and will continue to engage with this class and older students throughout the fall. All new students participated in sessions introducing, considering, and practicing courageous conversations. Read about these workshops here.

Academic Office Updates from Rob Munro, Dean of Academic Program and Equity

We ask faculty to abide by the following guidelines: for 9th and 10th graders, no more than 2 hours per week per class (roughly 30 minutes per class per night); for 11th and 12th graders, no more than 3 hours per week per class (roughly 40 minutes per class per night). Faculty have been allowing for time during their 70 minute classes for students to begin their out-of-class work; any work assigned on top of that should not exceed the guidelines offered above. We’ve asked faculty to be mindful of the amount of screen time needed to complete out-of-class assignments as we want to ensure that students have sufficient time to step away from their screens each day. Click through for the full message.