Will Tucker

Science Department Head 

Annie McGarry poses for her headshot during the "Annual Head Tour Guide Photoshoot" outside the Chapel on Sep. 13, 2021. (Photo by Nicholas Pfosi)

How long have you worked at Concord Academy?

I have worked at Concord Academy for five years, since Fall of 2018.

In what departments do you teach?

I teach Chemistry and Advanced Chemistry in the Science Department.

What other areas of involvement at CA do you have?

I am the school’s Chemical Hygiene Officer, an assistant scheduler, a house affiliate, a student advisor, and a senior class advisor.

What is the best part about working and teaching at CA?

The people! There is so much love, support, and joy in the community here at CA that it makes it a pleasure and really fun to come to work every day.

How is teaching at CA different from other schools?

Before CA, I taught at the college level. CA students are so much more engaged and engaging, which stood out to me during my interview. I have continued to be inspired by my students, their interests, and their true joy in discovery.


What is your favorite campus tradition?

Chapel. It is an awesome opportunity to be able to hear everyone’s story. I have been continually overawed by the thoughtfulness of our students and their trust in sharing so much of themselves with the community.

If you are a campus resident, what do you enjoy about living on campus?

It is so much fun to get to know students outside of the classroom and to live in a community with some of my colleagues.

How would you describe your students? What makes them special?

Caring. Whether it is care and engagement around their own learning or care and concern for the world around them, CA students truly care.