Shawn Bartok

Mathematics Teacher

Annie McGarry poses for her headshot during the "Annual Head Tour Guide Photoshoot" outside the Chapel on Sep. 13, 2021. (Photo by Nicholas Pfosi)

How long have you worked at Concord Academy?

This is my tenth year at Concord Academy.

What other areas of involvement at CA do you have?

I serve as a student advisor. I’ve also advised many clubs, including the video game club (CA Gaming), Magic the Gathering club, math club, and board game club.  

What is the best part about working and teaching at CA?

I’ve really enjoyed the independence granted to teachers, both in terms of the content and how education is approached. For example, I have even designed a few courses during my time at CA. Most recently, I developed and taught Topology which was designed to give students the experience of what it’s like to do mathematics. Exploring topics like these with students makes CA a very special place.

What is your favorite CA tradition?

I really enjoy connecting with my advisees each week. I enjoy guiding students on their educational journey. It also helps students build their communication and collaboration skills which is important for high school and college.

As a house faculty, what do you enjoy most about being in a house with students?

I live in Admadjaja house with my family. My favorite part of being in a house with students is getting to connect with them in a very different way than if I were to teach them. For example, each weekend when I’m on duty I cook food for the house and run an activity for the boarding community. I often have students that want to help prepare the food or have suggestions for events to run. It’s nice to get to know their passions, interests, and talents in and outside of the classroom. 

How would you describe your CA students?

Students are much more focused on their work at CA. I particularly appreciate the many conversations that happen in the margins of the day. I discuss projects or ideas with students that are wonderfully compelling and complex.

What is a fun fact about you?

I have designed several tabletop games!