Sabrina Sadique

English Teacher

Annie McGarry poses for her headshot during the "Annual Head Tour Guide Photoshoot" outside the Chapel on Sep. 13, 2021. (Photo by Nicholas Pfosi)

How long have you worked at Concord Academy?

7 years in the English Department.

What other areas of involvement at CA do you have?

A student advisor, house affiliate (Hobson), advisor to Muslim Student Association, Wilcox Program mentor, Admissions interviewer.

If you have taught at other schools, how is teaching at CA different?

CA not only values interdisciplinary teaching, but also nourishes spaces and unfurls opportunities for syncretic learning to take place. My electives often encompass verbal and visual literature and are grounded in psychoanalytic theory and philosophical concepts. Our curricula, from the 9th grade up, offers diverse and discrete foundational courses in such a way that by the time students take electives, they intuitively glimpse disciplines as porous mediums through which fundamental queries about human existence can be examined in a rigorous way.

What is your favorite CA tradition?

Chapel as a daily rite of passage. In that sense, as secular as its form is, it feels numinous and sacred.

What do you enjoy about living on campus?

Spontaneous access to some of my favorite beings on earth who happen to be my colleagues! The easy reach of Hapgood Wright Forest and the Minuteman trail are strong pluses. I am also on duty on Thursday evenings as a house affiliate. It’s one of the favorite parts of my week when I get to catch up with the students in Hobson and hang out with them until bedtime.

How would you describe your students?

I find myself marveling at my students’ colossal thirst for learning EVERY YEAR. It’s simply unquenchable. I am daily moved by how curious they are, how open their minds and hearts are to new realms of experiences. They model kindness and empathy so authentically that you might find yourself stopping in your tracks on a given day and recalibrating life through their vivid, wide lens full of hope and wisdom.

What do you enjoy most about being an advisor?

Continuity. It’s an honor to be able to be a part of a student’s weekly life four years in a row and to watch them grow into self-actualized beings. As advisors, we participate in their intrigue, awe, hardships, and visions. It’s very moving when a senior advisee gives a chapel and you have a sense of how each spoken word has been hewn by four years of experiences that you, as an advisor, were a part of.