Maureen 24

Day Student from Bedford, Mass.


Photo by Ola Oladitan 24

What are you involved in at CA?

I am a co-head of the Gender Representation in Tech (GRiT) Club , the Concord Academy Students in Action (CASA) Club, the Lawrence Concord Action Partnership (LCAP), and Bee Club. I am also involved in dance and track and was formerly a ski team member. 

Why did you choose CA?

As I got to know CA on my tour, I was drawn in by the colorful atmosphere rich with students open-minded about their learning and interactions with the community around them. 

What is the best class you’ve taken at CA and why?

While it’s hard to pick just one, one of my favorites has been Sabrina Sadique’s 20th Century Female Authors class, where we meticulously tracked individual women’s journeys breaking away from societal norms and expectations through their writing and art. This class made me feel seen, yet it challenged, reworked, and digested every idea I came in thinking I knew. While I learned a ton, this class showed me that there will always be more to explore.  

Share a moment where you knew you belonged at CA.

I rarely feel more at peace at CA than I do when I’m on the quad in the spring. People are lying in the sun, getting competitive over Spikeball and volleyball, chatting with the people around them, drawing, and reading—the quad is packed, but every single person has a place.