Margo Buchanan ’23

Day Student, Concord, MA

Margo Buchanan poses for her headshots during the "Annual Head Tour Guide Photoshoot" outside the Chapel on Sep. 13, 2021. (Photo by Nicholas Pfosi)

What are you involved in at CA?

Cohead of the Jewish Students Organization, Girls Basketball, Section Editor for the Centipede, Photography

Why did you choose CA?

I chose CA because of the connections among students and faculty that I could see just from touring the campus. On my first tour of the school, I was amazed at the way students and teachers stopped to greet and converse with each other in the hallways. Knowing that CA would be a place that would push me academically, it reassured me to see that not only could I attend a school that allowed me to face these challenges, I could have peers and teachers supporting me while I did.

How would you describe Common Trust?

Common Trust is the understanding that everyone on campus will continuously do their best to respect each other’s belongings (which could also include helping students locate their items in community-wide emails), trust others’ intentions (a theme that is often brought up before class discussions), have mutual respect (calling teachers by their first names), etc. Overall, it is the understanding that people will do their best to contribute positively to the community that they are in.

What is the best class you’ve taken at CA and why?

The best class that I have taken at CA was Sophomore English. Every member of the class was so enthusiastic about discussing the texts that we had been reading, that even in a year of hybrid learning, we were still consistently able to have engaging conversations. I have always appreciated the discussion-based aspect of English and History classes at CA, but seeing how the enthusiasm in our discussions remained unchanged no matter the locations each member of the class was in, helped me to appreciate it in a whole new way.

What is on your CA Bucket list?

Giving my Chapel!

Advice to prospective students?

My advice to prospective students would be to look at the Course Catalog and list of clubs at CA and figure out which ones you can envision yourself participating in. CA is a place where students constantly try new things, so if there is a class or activity that is offered that you want to try, chances are that you can.

Share a moment where you knew you belonged at CA.

A moment where I knew I belonged at CA was on the bus to one of our first basketball games. Members of the Varsity and JV teams were just talking, joking around, and playing music, and it felt so great to be a part of something where students of any grade could get along and be friends.