Jasper ’24

Day Student from Cambridge, Mass.


Photo by Ola Oladitan 24

What are you involved in at CA?

For sports, I’m on the soccer, skiing, and tennis teams. In terms of clubs, I’m the science and technology editor for The Centipede, our student newspaper, and co-head of both the Investment Club and the Lawrence-Concord Action Partnership, which is a community service club focused on the city of Lawrence, Mass. I also participate in DEMONs, a hands-on engineering club that focuses on building things that help the community.

Why did you choose CA?

I chose CA because I felt like I would have more control over my experience and that I would be a more respected member of the community. In the classroom, I wanted to be challenged academically, but I also wanted to take classes that interested me and be around peers who really wanted to be there. Socially, CA’s strong core values, especially common trust, make it a more cohesive and just generally nice place to be, where I felt like I could flourish.

How would you describe common trust? 

Most prospective students think of common trust as the backpacks they see in the main school lobby, or maybe the freedom of extended campus, but in reality, it’s far more widespread and deeply ingrained. To me, common trust means that students and faculty respect the entire community and keep that in mind in everything they do.