Eli Morton ’22

Day Student, Lexington, MA


What are you involved in at CA?

Cohead of Cabaret and Woolpack, Theater (Mainstages and Directors Workshop), DEMONs, Q^2, CA Singers, Chorus, Arts Council, Head Peer Tutor, Ultimate Frisbee, Math Club

Why did you choose CA?

I was initially interested in coming to CA due to the strong academics and many opportunities in STEM and performing arts, but I knew it was the place for me when I visited and felt the supportive atmosphere. From the moment I stepped foot on campus I felt welcomed by the whole community.

How would you describe Common Trust?

 I think of common trust as a communal understanding that, in order to be the community we love, we need to all be responsible and respectful, and mutually believe in each other to follow through. This is represented physically in the way we leave our belongings in the halls and are allowed to venture into extended campus, but also in the vulnerability many choose to show in chapels and when we refer to adults by their first name.

What is the best class you’ve taken at CA and why?

This is an incredibly difficult question because there are so many great classes at CA, but I’d have to say top on the list for me is Sophomore English. As a STEM kid who had always disliked poetry, Nick’s weekly poetry analysis made me learn to appreciate poetry in an atmosphere where my opinions and thoughts always felt welcome. The class’ general discussion-based format helped me get the most I could out of everything we read.

What is on your CA Bucket list?

Sending a chapel email, giving my chapel, petting more than 5 (my current record) campus dogs in one day.

Advice to prospective students?

Going to a new school with people you don’t know can be really scary, but remember that everyone else in your grade is new too, and everyone wants to make the transition as smooth as possible for you.

Share a moment where you knew you belonged at CA.

I first knew I belonged at the group callbacks for the mainstage production my freshman fall. Upperclassmen welcomed me and I was surrounded by people that were so enthusiastic about theater in a way I had never seen in school productions before. I felt completely free to express myself and immediately trusted them all.