Dear Parent of Spring Team Sport Athlete,

Congrats on your child earning a position on a CA spring team sport! It is an honor to represent CA on the playing field! Your child will be in great hands as our spring coaching staff is a committed and talented group of educators.

As the director of athletics, my focus is to support the students and coaches as they pursue their team and individual goals this spring. I wanted to point out a few items to assist you in following/ supporting your child’s team this season:

  • The game schedule is posted on the website team pages with date, opponent, start time, and results. We recommend that you find directions to away game sites via the opponent website. Be sure to look for directions to your sport of interest as many schools use off site facilities.
  • We highly recommend that you set your notifications to receive important alerts with regard to schedule changes (ex. postponements and / or cancellations). Please see the athletic section of the website for assistance. Game cancellations due to weather will be posted no later than 1:30 PM on game day. While it is rare that practices are canceled due to weather, if needed, a notification will be sent to your child via the Schoology team page.
  • Please click here to find the Athletic Department Code of Conduct which I will review this week in an organizational meeting with the team sport athletes. The purpose of the code of conduct is to provide consistent policies, procedures and expectations across all athletic programming. In an effort to educate our students on the health risks of using supplements to lose or gain weight or to enhance performance, CA announced a Position on Supplement Use over the winter which has been added to the Code of Conduct.
  • In order to be eligible to compete on a team sport at CA, students must sign and submit the Code of Conduct along with a guardian signature each season. Day students will bring the document home this week for a guardian to sign. Parents of boarders are asked to review, sign and submit the Code of Conduct to Assistant Athletic Director, Laurie Baker, at via an electronic signature, scan, or fax to 978-402-2332.
  • Please note that, as is described in the code of conduct, students may depart an away game site with a member of their family once dismissed by the coach. However, if you prefer that your child departs an away game site with a teammate’s parent, we ask that you send a “release email” to me or the coach prior to bus departure that day. You may also choose to send a “seasonal release email” allowing your child to depart away games with a designated teammate’s parent throughout the spring.

CA believes that athletics is integral to the overall mission of the school. In addition, team sport presents a unique learning environment due to the many challenges that inevitably arise. Our coaches look forward to using a combination of challenge and nurture, in a fun and compelling environment, to help your child learn and improve upon sport specific skills, learn life skills and values, pursue excellence and move their bodies!

Please feel free to reach out to me at any time if you have questions or concerns. We want to partner with you to provide your child with an exciting growth experience via athletics throughout the spring of 2016-17.

Go Green,

Sue Johnson
Director of Athletics

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