Through the Annual Fund, volunteer leaders champion CA

Tess Munro Bauta ’94, P’25 (left) and Alexis Goltra ’87, P’26 ’27.

In 2022–23, the Annual Fund provided 10% of CA’s operating budget, helping to fill the $20,000 gap between a full tuition and the actual cost of educating each student.

Every year, Concord Academy relies on contributions from parents and alums. The volunteers who lead the charge are some of CA’s most enthusiastic advocates. We asked Alum Annual Fund co-chairs Tess Munro Bauta ’94, P’25 and Alexis Goltra ’87, P’26 ’27 how, and why, they make the case to support CA every year.

How has it been to re-engage with CA as parents and alum volunteers?
Alexis Goltra (AG):
It’s been wonderful to see CA through the parent lens, knowing my kids are having the amazing benefit I enjoyed and that it’s still the same. The campus is a lot nicer, but there’s continuity in the spirit and mission.
Tess Munro Bauta (TMB): CA is the best! This school isn’t afraid to allow kids to grow into their own voices and address difficult topics. It’s courageous to stand by your values, and CA does that. There was no question what school I wanted my daughter to attend. I love supporting CA, and it’s easy to reach out to other alums—we’re a tightknit community.

Why do you volunteer in support of the Annual Fund?
TMB: CA is a small school. A close, relational education costs more, and it’s worth it. The Annual Fund supports literally everything that happens here, from lightbulbs to bringing speakers to campus.
AG: I had a great experience as a CA student. This is a way I can give back. By helping with the Annual Fund, every year I’m helping to advance CA’s mission, which I believe in very deeply. It’s a little selfish, too—I really enjoy working with the folks at CA and the alums I get to engage with. It’s wonderful to develop these relationships over time.

What do you wish everyone knew about the Annual Fund?
TMB: CA is not a wasteful school. It’s very smart financially. Yet even full tuition doesn’t cover the whole cost of what a student gets from CA. In order to keep this diverse community, CA’s unique and amazing programs, and our beautiful campus intact, more money is needed.
AG: While the school is also raising funds for the Centennial Campaign, I encourage people to make those contributions in addition to their annual support for ongoing operations. Without the Annual Fund, there would be less money for financial aid, teacher’s salaries, sports, arts, and diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts—it touches all aspects of school operations. Tuition doesn’t cover costs. That can be a surprise for people, and they don’t always realize that if it weren’t for the Annual Fund, we’d lose a lot of our program and the ability to fulfill CA’s mission.

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