Building on the vision and generosity of donors who have supported the school since the first gift to the school’s endowment 60 years ago, the strength of CA’s partnership with generous alumnae/i, parents, and friends at this time in the school’s history presents an opportunity for the school to build new educational pathways and transform the lives of everyone in Concord Academy’s community.

“In [public policy] work you have to have a desire to explore many perspectives, navigate complexity, be at ease with ambiguity and possess the ability to calibrate your moral compass on an ongoing basis. This is not to say that you are constantly shifting your morality or that your ethical behavior is fluid. Quite the opposite. You’re doing a constant check to make certain that you’re operating with a true north and consistent humility so that you are fairly representing diverse views, accurate in discerning options and never abusive of the power and responsibilities that communities have given you. CA was a great training ground for the development of these and other skills.

I want to thank the CA community for the grounding and the challenge that came with being a student here.”

-Rahn Dorsey ’89, a student from Detroit through A Better Chance program (ABC), current Chief of Education for the city of Boston

“We’ve had financial aid students on the Nicaragua service trip every year except the very first, and a number of them have contributed in a special way. Specifically, we’ve had a few students from a Latino background who spoke Spanish at home, but who had never traveled outside the US. Taking them to Central America was particularly rewarding for them, since their families originated there, and as a big plus, they were the students who could communicate the best in Spanish. Consequently, they were the ones who made the deepest connections with the families we stayed with. [One student on financial aid] of Latino origin turned fifteen while in Nicaragua. In Latino culture, that’s a big deal (the quinceañera), and our host family insisted on throwing a party for her. With their modest means and the participation of the other students in our group, we gave her a memorable evening. That sort of intercultural sharing is one of the big takeaways for all the students on the trip.”

-George Larivee, math faculty and leader of June trips to build libraries in Nicaragua

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Abby Jenney
Donor Experience Officer