Concord Academy’s 2021–22 Annual Report of Generosity and Volunteerism

Join us in reflecting on a historic year.

Dear CA supporters,

What a tremendous year Concord Academy had in 2021–22. The campus community delighted in resuming the natural rhythms of the academic year, complete with full seasons of athletics and performing arts. Our students and educators brought new perspectives to their endeavors. And no one took the little things for granted—including every passing smile.

While many worked tirelessly to complete a smooth leadership transition for the 2022–23 school year, we also marked a monumental turning point in CA’s history: our school’s 100th birthday. We reflected that, from its beginnings, CA dreamed big for its students. The first of many Centennial celebrations lived up to our school’s values—the event was inviting and inclusive of all connected to CA, and focused on how we can collectively use our voices, effort, and privilege to improve our world and our local communities. 

Identifying a new head of school, managing the continued effects of the pandemic, and marking Concord Academy’s biggest historical moment to date—all in one year —was no small feat. Thankfully, the CA community does not rest on any individual, and the collective ensured success on all fronts.

Our relationships bring CA to life. The spirited debate in classrooms and conversations over lunch meetings with advisors, the enthusiastic support for students who delve deep in departmental studies, the untold hours parents spend helping other families feel connected, and the selfless service of alumnae/i who carry the spirit of CA forward in their own lives and who give generously back to the school—all of these are essential to CA, each and every day.

We extend our deepest gratitude to every individual who stepped up during this time of transition, reflection, and celebration. Every person listed in this report believes in CA’s promise and its people. Each one of you helped to carry our school over the momentous threshold of its first century. We can only imagine what the next 100 years will bring. Because of you, we know the coming decades will be grounded in the school’s mission. There is much striving to do!

In thanks,

Fay Lampert Shutzer ’65
President, Board of Trustees

Henry Fairfax
Head of School
Dresden Endowed Chair

Every gift to CA has a story behind it. Generations of visionary donors have supported and developed the school we cherish today.


The next chapter of CA’s story is being written today, by generous donors like you.


$31 Million

Where the Dollars Came From

Where the Dollars Went

The Annual Fund ensures CA’s strength.

We would not be CA without your support.

Consistent financial support makes a real difference at CA: 10% of the school’s annual operating budget comes directly from the Concord Academy Annual Fund. These yearly contributions support so many aspects of an education at CA—our one-on-one student advising program, diverse student life offerings, financial aid program, and talented and passionate faculty and staff. Collectively, individual annual gifts from the CA community make a crucial difference in day-to-day life on campus.

During the 2021–22 school year, 1,662 CA donors joined together and exceeded our $3.1 million Annual Fund goal. These gifts directly impacted the 407 students and the dedicated teachers and staff who nurture their potential. These critical funds provide for the vibrancy and creativity that we call the CA experience. Each and every year.








Through an outpouring of generosity from donors around the world, giving to the CA Annual Fund remained strong. Thanks to every one of you, we exceeded our $3.1 million goal, providing the support needed to nurture every student’s promise.

Learn more about the CA Annual Fund.

The Concord Academy Centennial Campaign Logo Type

This campaign is a distinct moment for us to reflect on our inspiring history and illuminate our path toward equity.” 


Head of School
Dresden Endowed Chair

The Concord Academy Centennial Campaign Logo Type

The Concord Academy Centennial Campaign will advance our deepest commitments and create new capacities for all that we aspire to become. 

Members of the CA community have stepped forward to support two central initiatives: the construction of a new Centennial Arts Center and a bold leap for our endowment. The new center will inspire students to challenge themselves, spark their imaginations, and encourage their creative energy and expression. Endowment growth will allow us to support more students, regardless of their financial need, while creating a cycle of continual investment in our teachers. The dollar goals aligned with these values will deliver a truly transformative educational experience.


We’re moving into a new century of artistic growth and creativity.

The Centennial Arts Center—and all that happens in this building—will inspire students to think deeply, imagine boldly, and bring personal energy and expression to their work. The possibilities presented by this new space are unlimited.

The Centennial Arts Center gives us new opportunities for how we use our campus. Endowment gives us the ability to extend our reach and our potential. These two efforts are imperative for our future.”


President, Board of Trustees
Centennial Campaign Co-Chair


Endowment Growth


CA’s endowment was established in 1954 with a gift of $50,000 from a visionary donor who understood the importance of the school’s mission.

Our future success depends on a healthy endowment that supports CA’s commitment to its students and the world—allowing us to deliver excellence in our academic community and unlock new possibilities for CA’s next century of leadership. 

Your support is vital to our community and our mission.

Thank you for your continued contributions to CA!