The College Board has made some changes to the registration process for AP exams. The registration process will take place earlier in the fall (October 4 – November 13) rather than during the spring semester. Each test costs $135 and will be charged to student accounts. Any orders for AP exams placed between November 14 and March 13 will incur a late fee, bringing the total cost to $190 per test. The unused/canceled exam fee is $40 per exam. If your student has questions about whether or not taking an AP exam is the best option for them, please have them refer to AP Exams: FAQs on CA Connect or have them speak directly with their teacher. We will visit junior and senior class meetings on Friday, October 18, to answer any questions students may have about AP registration and we will be available during a lunch block should students miss their October 18 class meeting due to early release. Reid Young, our testing coordinator, will post information about how to register via CA_FYI.