Class Notes

Submitting Class Notes

Please send your news for class notes to your class secretaries by February 14.

If you do not have a Class Secretary, please email your notes to

Send your high resolution digital photos to Photos file size should be 1MB or larger and sent as a JPEG. Label the photo file with your class year and name and identify all people in the photo, especially other alumnae/i!

Class notes will be published in the summer issue of CA Magazine.

2023-24 Class Notes Deadlines

February 14: deadline by which classmates should submit notes to class secretaries

February 28: deadline by which class notes are due from class secretaries to CA

Please do your best to adhere to the above deadlines, so CA can include as many notes and photos as possible. Thank you!

Class Secretary Resources

If you have questions, please contact:
Hannah Dunphy
Annual Fund and Alum Programs Officer
(978) 402-2238

Update Your Information

If you have not heard from your class secretary regarding class notes, it may be because we don’t have your updated contact information.


Interested in becoming a class secretary?

If you are interested in learning more about volunteering as a class secretary, please email

Class Secretaries


Penelope Weadock Slough ’46
Laura Richardson Payson ’47
Diane Sargent ’48
Nancy Billings Bursaw ’49


Phebe Ham ’50
Joan Sandiford Young '51
Elizabeth Ritchie Topper ’52
Lisa Jenney Paige ’53
Howsie Jenney Stewart ’53
Maisie Goodale Crowther ’54
Edith McMillan Tucker '55
Helen Locke Cook ’56
Carol Swanson Louchheim ’57
Eileen Behr Sunderland ’57
Caroline Murfitt-Eller ’58
Mary Poole ’59


Havana Moss '60
Christine Griffith Heyworth ’61
Sallie Cross Kingham ’61
Ellen Smith Harde ’62
Anne Buxton Sobol '62
Faith Andrews Bedford ’63
Caroline Herrick ’64
Wendy White ’64
Cornelia Kennedy Atkins ’65
Tracy Barker Greenwood ’65
Loring Bradlee ’66
Olga Reigeluth Morrill '67
Beverly Nelson Elder '67
Gail Weinmann '67
Lindsay Davidson Shea '67
Julie Harrison ’68
Laura Palmer Aronstein ’69
Nancy Schoeffler ’69


Elizabeth Brown ’70
Nancy Reece Jones ’71
Evalyn Bemis '72
Cathrine Wolf ’73
Marjorie Aelion '74
Victoria Huber ’75
Sydney Miller ’75
Jacqueline van der Horst Sergent ’75
Margaret Sweatt Kunhardt ’76
Jean Dunbar Knapp ’77
Jean McCormick ’77
Martha Livingston ’78
Andrew Herwitz '79
Amelia Withington '79


Lisa Siegel ’80
Lindsay Millard Clinton ’81
Sung Kim ’82
Katrina Pugh ’83
Lisa Moricoli Latham '83
Adam Ford '83
Tilia Klebenov Jacobs '83
Nancy Shohet West ’84
Martha Leggat ’85
Madeleine Blanz-Mayo ’86
Julia Baumgarten Foster ’86
Kerith Gardner ’87
Jay Golden ’88
Andrew Heimert ’89
Michael Romano ’89


Sarah Amory Welch ’90
Allie Powell ’91
Sam Wilde ’93
Michael Lichtenstein ’94
Karena Detweiler ’95
Brian Carvalho '96
Johanna Rosen ’97
Sara Walker ’97
Michael Edwards ’98
Elizabeth Prives ’99


Keith Katz '00
Benjamin Carmichael ’01
Natalie Krajcir ’02
Heather Reid ’03
Christie Wilcox ’03
Eli Vivas ’04
Amanda MacLellan ’05
Neely Hall ’06
Eliza Perlmutter '07
Jennifer Lamy ’09
Nella Rasic ’09


Katie Simon '10
Matthieu Labaudiniere ’11
Maxmillian Bender ’12
Emma Starr ’12
Melissa Pappas ’13
Becca Miller ’14
Natalie Ferris ’14
Sam Culbert ’15
Arden Fitzpatrick ’16
Lola Garcia ’16
Julia Kostro ’16
Julia Shea ’16
Sam Barton ’17
Theo Nunez ’18
Kaity Goodwin ’18


Emily Byers ’20
Sarah Gleba ’20
Katherine Stirling-Ellis ’20
Lilia Kasdon '22

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact:

Hannah Dunphy, annual fund and alum programs officer, or call (978) 402-2238.