What CA Means to Me


At Concord Academy, there is no model student, no one path. CA is a high school for individuals to pursue and cultivate their passions, within a supportive, structured environment. Depending upon who you ask, CA means many different things. Here, a few of our students tell you what CA means to them.


Ella Griffiths ’20

Day Student – Concord, Mass.

“I love meeting new students from all around the globe who shared similar passions.”

Lev Ko ’21

Day Student – Chestnut Hill, Mass.

“This class instilled a work ethic in me that I believe will last me the rest of my life.”

Hayden Jennings ’21

Day Student – Concord, Mass.

“I’ve learned that I can do a lot more than I thought I could, when I put my mind to it.”

Cindy Bao ’21

Boarder – Beijing, China

“Be open-minded and ready to experiment!”

Vedika Sharma ’20

Day Student – Newton Centre, Mass.

“The teachers at CA truly care about the success of each individual student.”

Haley Wixom ’20

Day – Concord, Mass.

“One of my favorite things about CA is the tremendous amount of activities students are able and encouraged to pursue.”

Liat Tesfazgi ’20

Day – Somerville, Mass.

“I was drawn to CA because of its atmosphere — I loved the sense of community that was clearly integral to the school both socially and academically.”

Lucian Sharpe ’20

Day – Concord, Mass.

“After being at CA for two years I can say that common trust is present in all aspects of life at Concord.”

Anna Sander ’20

Day – Lincoln, Mass.

“At CA, I love the option of crafting my schedule to focus on classes I especially want to take.”

Mira LaRocca ’20

Day – Concord, Mass.

“Having the freedom to learn about what you’re interested in is a privilege most high school students don’t get. ”

Kate Bacigalupo ’20

Boarder – Hamilton, Mass.

“I really value discussion-based learning and the use of primary source materials.”

Serina Oh ’20

Boarding – Seoul, South Korea

“At CA, I’ve become more and more confident in what I say.”