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ACC Share - Concord Academy

ToKate Peltz

FromAlison, Jillian, Peter B, Peter J (The CCO)

Kate, thank you for the care you have provided to students, parents, and colleagues for the past 16 years. You are wise, patient, compassionate, and pretty darn funny, to boot. We couldn't have created a better colleague if we'd built one from scratch! We are deeply grateful for your contributions to the CCO and, even more importantly, for your friendship.

ToJared Rhee

FromLilia Kasdon

Thank you so much for putting up with my craziness and for driving me around everywhere! Love you I'm so lucky to have you as my friend πŸ™‚

ToLilia Kasdon

FromJared Rhee

Thanks for always giving me fruit snacks and getting me hooked on Yerbas and for putting up with me playing that one song over and over again <3

ToPeter Boskey

FromKathryn Geismar

Thank you for your leadership and guidance over these past two years. We could not ask for a better advisor. Your wisdom and friendship have meant so much to Sophie and, by extension, to us. You embody so much that is special about CA.
Kathryn and Ken

ToSarah Yeh

FromStephanie Manzella

Thank you, Sarah, for your thoughtful and compassionate leadership of CA at this difficult time. We don't thank you enough for all that you do for our community.

Tomarcie berkeley

Fromhale powell

Hi Marcie; Happy Spring! I hope you and family are enjoying the great spring and all the freedom that we did not have a year ago. I can imagine you out in the garden right now. Best to all, Hale

Tojudy osher

Fromhale powell

Hi Judy. I hope you, Joel and family are doing well and are able to embrace the wonderful new Spring. Ups and downs of daily life aside, I hope you are celebrating all the freedom we have compared to a year ago.

best, Hale

ToLaura Twichell

FromCynthia Katz

Thanks Laura for first being a wonderful, thoughtful, and fabulous Photography Student, and now being a caring and generous colleague. I've learned a lot from you in both incarnations. Best of luck at Moses Brown. They are lucky to have you coming there. With love, cynthia

ToJackie Vanderhorst/Sergent

FromJesse Cohen

For my upcoming birthday, I want to acknowledge my good friend Jackie who made CA such a fun time for me. She has become a superstar in life and I am so proud to know her! Jesse

ToChristine Fairchild

FromJesse Cohen

For my upcoming birthday, I am posting a gift of gratitude to Christine for making my two years at CA a much better place! Sorry our lives don't cross much, but you're always in my heart πŸ™‚ Jesse

ToStephanie Manzella

FromKaren & Hans-Peter Biemann

Thank you Stephanie for sharing your love of history with our older son through so many amazing courses. This will be a lifelong love of his. Thank you also for advising our younger son and having such great conversations with him while guiding his path through CA.

ToMark Engerman

FromKaren & Hans-Peter Biemann

We are so grateful that our son has Mark as his advisor and friend at CA. Mark has been thoughtful and insightful (and a really nice guy) regarding our son’s journey through CA and beyond.

ToGingie McClung '71

FromAmy Cholnoky

Thank you to Gingie McClung '71 who was my tour guide in the fall of 1969 when I came to visit CA for my interview. Between the brilliantly sunny autumn day, the gorgeous and quintessentially New England campus, and Gingie herself - I was lovestruck, and have been ever since.

ToNancy Boutilier

FromJessica Flaxman

THANK YOU. Julia's love for English has only grown since you taught her in 10th grade. We appreciate the way you nurtured her critical reading and writing skills and appreciate the creativity and commitment you brought to your work with Julia and her peers every single day.
Jessica & Jake Sussman

ToCA Community

FromBrendan Crowley

It has been a loooong year....I am grateful to this community for sticking together and making the best of this year. And for donuts. I am also grateful for the donuts.

ToKim Kopelman

FromHannah Wixom

Thank you Kim for being an amazing advisor!!! I love talking with you every week πŸ™‚

ToMandy Adams

FromIrene Zheng

Thank you so much for being the greatest friend ever. I really appreciate all you've done for me.

ToIrene Zheng

FromMandy Adams

Thanks for being a great friend πŸ™‚

ToAdmissions Office

FromTrish Saunders

I am grateful for my colleagues in the Admissions Office! What and incredible year it has been as we completely recreated our process. Your hard work, creativity, and determination of my colleagues is admirable! I’m so grateful to be on this team and working together to support such an incredible school.

ToStufac Staff

FromGrace Chen

THANK YOU!!!! to each and every member of our wonderful dining hall staff. I know I speak on the behalf of our entire school when I say that we are so, so lucky to be fed wonderful food every day, and you all still don't get nearly enough thanks for your hard work. Thank you, especially, for always checking recipe ingredients whenever I (frequently) ask if something has dairy. πŸ™‚

ToScience Department

FromAmy Kumpel

I couldn't imagine going through this school year with anyone else. You have all been amazing - rolling with the punches, learning new tech, embracing change and demonstrating a growth mindset. Thanks for being all around amazing faculty members and friends and for continuing to dig into and engage deeply with our departmental work! You guys are the best!

ToMs. Gray

FromSue Sauer

Thank you, Ms. Gray, for doing your very best to get students into the classes they want each year!

ToThe Ops Team

FromRebecca D'Angelo

I am grateful to you all, every day, for the million small and big things you do to make this house a home! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

ToAll CA Students

FromAbby Jenney

This has been quite a year, and watching you all embrace change, adapt, and grow has been a privilege. Very proud to be a member of this community today, and always!

ToJessica Cloutier-Plasse

FromShreya Patel

This year has been incredibly difficult--both because of the pandemic and as a senior coming to terms with leaving CA. My advisor has gone above and beyond to support me, and I could not be more grateful for her advice and generosity. All my teachers, as well, have shown such empathy and understanding all while leading the creative, collaborative classes I've loved so much during my time here.

ToOur All Community Campaign Student Leaders

FromHannah Dunphy and Elizabeth Crowley

With immense gratitude to all of our Campaign Student Leaders. You have created fun, thoughtful, and engaging opportunities for us to celebrate CA’s 99th birthday together as a community. The warmth of your #ConcordAcademyLove can be felt from all over the globe! Thank you for your partnership, leadership, creativity, and willingness to encourage others to show their love and support for CA too.

ToOur All Community Campaign Faculty/Staff Co-Chairs

FromElizabeth Crowley and Hannah Dunphy

Many thanks to Laurie, Brendan and Trish, our amazing Faculty/Staff Co-Chairs of the All Community Campaign. Through your love for CA, your verve for community participation, and your support of the Annual Fund, you are helping to strengthen our community and bring us all closer together for CA’s 99th birthday! We are so grateful for your partnership.