The Excellent Adventures of Sarah Bartlett ’73

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Posted on: November 25, 2014

Sarah Bartlett’s first job in print journalism, as a researcher at Fortune magazine, was in many ways miserable. “I hated every minute of it,” she told students gathered for the 2014 Davidson Lecture on Nov. 20. “But it educated me in the ways of work,” she said. It also motivated her to land her next job, at Business Week, launching a career that would lead to tenures at the New York Times, Oxygen Media, and Inside Media, with hundreds of articles and two books along the way. In 2002, she began teaching journalism; now she is dean of the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.

Watch Sarah’s CATalk “Whither Journalism,” which was given at the Liberty Hotel on November 19

In her talk, called “My Excellent Adventure,” Bartlett recounted her winding path—from traveling the world with a filmmaking team to investigating Wall Street corruption and becoming the first female assistant managing editor at Business Week. She encouraged interested students to consider journalism—a field on the cusp of interesting developments, thanks to changing technologies—not because it’s lucrative, but because it offers an avenue for individuals to have an impact on their communities.

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