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Ultimate Drone Obstacle Challenge (gr. 2-5)

Ultimate Drone Obstacle Challenge
2022 Dates: July 11 – 15
rising 2-5 grades
Cost: $780

This action-packed program is specifically designed for both the novice and experienced drone enthusiasts. Full of excitement, teamwork, learning, and fun, campers enjoy one of the world’s fastest growing sports, Drone Obstacle Course Racing. Throughout the week, campers learn about the basic safety of drone flying and the history behind drone racing as a sport. As the week progresses, campers will advance through various skill challenges, learning how to perform assorted exercises and maneuvers to become familiar with the drone’s speed and agility. Campers will use iPads and remote controls to pitch, yaw and roll their drones through some of Drobots’ most daring obstacle courses. Participants will utilize their creative minds to help design the obstacle layout and then build the obstacle course in preparation for the camp’s final activity and competition. 

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StemQuest: Robot X Games (gr. 2-5) *NEW*

StemQuest: Robot X Games  *NEW for 2022*
2022 Dates: July 18 – 22
rising 2-5 grades
Cost: $780

Robot X Games is a weeklong competition filled with some of the most exhilarating games and races ever experienced in a summer camp setting, including: BMX Big Air, Stadium Super Trucks, Street Luge, SnowMobile Freestyle, and Moto X Quarter Pipe! All week, campers build, test, and race X Game-themed robots to compete in some of X Games most popular events. Moreover, campers will invent new events, building and shaping their own race tracks, obstacle courses, and barricades. Prepare for endless exposure to new technology and come ready to earn your team’s right to the podium during friendly competition in a creative problem solving environment. 

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StemQuest: Mario Kart: Water, Land, & Coaster Racing (gr. 2-5)

StemQuest: Mario Kart: Water, Land, & Coaster Racing  *NEW for 2022*
2022 Dates: July 25 – 29
rising 2-5 grades
Cost: $780

If you like playing Mario Kart on your console then it’s time to get your hands off the controller and onto real robots. This is the camp program that brings Mario to life! Throughout the week campers enjoy endless building and racing challenges (without a video screen!). Robots on the ground are cool, but are you ready to take your ground bot skills into the water? How about determining the best way to design and create twists and turns to build the fastest coaster? This program provides all the summer fun a camper may handle as participants rotate through a variety of thrilling activities. Campers dive right in to a program that requires teamwork, flexibility and creativity, not to mention a hands-on building of structures that include: bridges, beams, arches, trusses, and suspension bridges. StemQuest: Water, Land and Coaster presents an abundance of both indoor and outdoor activities that include a unique combination of engineering, building, and robo-racing. Campers will use their engineering skills in combination with trial and error to construct the fastest marble roller coaster, design the most agile water-bot, and develop the most durable land rovers. 

StemQuest: Star Wars Empire vs. Rebellion (gr. 2-5)

StemQuest: Star Wars Empire vs. Rebellion
2022 Dates: August 1 – 5
rising 2-5 grades
Cost: $780

StemQuest: Star Wars Empire vs. Rebellion brings the galaxy from far far away, to much much closer to camp. Using custom built podracers, foam ball blasters, and rolling droid drones), campers will split into two separate groups and participate either as a member of the controlling Empire or of the elite Rebellion strike force. Teams work together in hands-on building activities to prepare for the multiple battles that occur throughout the week – all in a friendly competitive environment. Build your own TIE Fighters, Starships, and more. Create and design self-made defenses to protect home base from the opposition. The ultimate daily and weekly goal is for campers to use both their minds and their hands to eliminate the opposing team’s holdout positions through strategy and collaborative planning. At last, it is time to bring justice to the galaxy.

May the StemQuest force be with you!

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