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LegoStem: Build It & Wreck It (gr. 1-2)

LegoStem: Build It & Wreck It  *NEW for 2023*
in conjunction with: Drobots Company
2023 Dates: July 10 – 14
rising 1-2 grades
Cost: $835

Don’t miss out on the most exciting camp program of the summer!

Is there anything more fun than building structures out of LEGOs and K’nex, only to watch them all crumble down before your eyes?
Have you ever wanted to build a tower and then use a robot to pull it down? Well, now is your chance! All week long campers and our professional instructors will build incredible castles and then test how much weight they can hold before crumbling down. Using LEGO and K’nex, campers will work together in small teams to build bridges, roads, swings, and even snow mobiles! Each day participants will be presented with new and exciting build challenges and missions to overcome and tear down.
So, join us for a great week of camp as we all put on our hard hats and thinking caps!

StemQuest: Medieval Robot Battles (gr. 3-5)

StemQuest: Medieval Robot Battles  *NEW for 2023*
in conjunction with: Drobots Company
2023 Dates: July 17 – 21
rising 3-5 grades
Cost: $835

The Medieval Robot Battles camp incorporates the ingenuities of modern technologies, but inserts campers in a historic Renaissance setting. Throughout the week, campers will compete in some of the most exciting tournaments of the Medieval time period.

This StemQuest program uses a variety of app-enabled robots that can be free-driven, programmed, and fabricated through team-oriented puzzles and challenges. While the program aims to build proficiency with gaming technology, the curriculum presents exercises that stress all the verticals of STEAM. Campers will create their unique renaissance masks, equip their robots with shields and battle artillery, and design their festival fairgrounds.

Join the Drobots’ instructors for a time-traveling adventure and learn together how modern technology may enhance the competitions of the Medieval Age!

LegoStem: K’nex Super Mario Brothers (gr. 1-2)

LegoStem: K’nex Super Mario Brothers   *NEW for 2023*
in conjunction with: Drobots Company
2023 Dates: July 24 – 28
rising 1-2 grades
Cost: $835

The Super Mario Brothers are back at it again!

Young Drobots engineers will join Mario, Luigi, Toadstool, and Yoshi to “build” new levels during each camp day. Campers will use LEGO and K’nex motors to create moving obstacles for our (pesky) characters to avoid. Create and take tunnels to secret levels that only YOU know about and then challenge your friends to try to beat your Bowser maze.

Parents, it’s time for your little ones to enjoy all of the fun from the hit game you knew growing up, but all brought to life in a STEM setting with: LEGOs, K’nex, and of course…creativity! Did we mention Robots?
Oh Yeah… Watch out for them – it is 2023!


Drone Mission: Earth to Mars (gr. 3-5)

Drone Mission: Earth to Mars  *NEW for 2023*
in conjunction with: Drobots Company
2023 Dates: July 31 – August 4
rising 3-5 grades
Cost: $835

3,2,1… LIFT OFF!

Join our supportive, positive and professional instructors for an exciting week of drone camp where campers will launch off to a “Mission to Mars”.

In this exciting program, teams of campers (Flight Squads) will prepare drones to execute a delivery mission: bring vital life essentials to the Red Planet. While simulating missions with the Odyssey and navigating low orbit satellites, campers will hone their flying skills and programming accuracy as they travel through space towards the Red Planet. Additionally, through the use of flying drones and robotic ground vehicles, flight squads will compete by simulating realistic space scenarios, ranging from the navigation of asteroid belts and planet exploration to partaking in Martian races and mineral collection missions.

Strap on your drone space belts! It’s going to be an exciting voyage!


StemQuest: Robot X Games (gr. 3-5)

StemQuest: Robot X Games 
in conjunction with: Drobots Company
2023 Dates: August 7 – 11
rising 3-5 grades
Cost: $835

Robot X Games is a weeklong competition filled with some of the most exhilarating games and races ever experienced in a summer camp setting, including: BMX Big Air, Stadium Super Trucks, Street Luge, SnowMobile Freestyle, and Moto X Quarter Pipe! All week, campers build, test, and race X Game-themed robots to compete in some of X Games most popular events. Moreover, campers will invent new events, building and shaping their own race tracks, obstacle courses, and barricades.

Prepare for endless exposure to new technology and come ready to earn your team’s right to the podium during friendly competition in a creative problem-solving environment. 

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