Build it Yourself

Build-It-Yourself offers playful workshops that inspire and empower students to invent. Each Build-It-Yourself project evolves from a storyline about a social issue and a challenge to use technology to explore the issue and problem solve. Campers keep a PowerPoint lab book and present their solutions at the end of the week.

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All BIY Camps will invite parents to a brief presentation each Friday, typically at 11:45am.  Project information and lab books will be posted online for those that cannot attend. 

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  • Robotic Door Greeters (gr. 3-7) *NEW*

    Robotic Door Greeters *NEW for 2018*
    July 9 - 13
    rising 3-7 grades

    To be a proper Build-It-Yourself crew member, you'll need to have a state-of-the-art laboratory ... a set of tools, parts, premium quality junk, and a proper shingle for your door. You should have an official brainstorm hat, a smart pencil and a lab book to document your inventions.
    And most importantly, you'll need a robotic door greeter.

    If you want to be a hot shot engineer, you need to look like one!

    Your mission is to make visitors to your home laboratory say, "WOW, an awesome builder works here! I want to be a member of the Build-It-Yourself Crew."

    Skills you will exercise:
    Art | Creative Construction | Presentation | Thinking outside the box

  • Inventors and Entrepreneurs (gr. 5-8) *NEW*

    Inventors and Entrepreneurs *NEW for 2018*
    July 16 - 20
    rising 5-8 grades

    Be the hero of the next generation of builders.

    This workshop is designed to take you down the path of Leonardo DaVinci, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, and other inventor entrepreneurs who have changed the world. You will start with a junk yard full of discarded contraptions. Your mission is to repurpose the junk to make it do something useful. As Thomas Edison said, "To be an inventor, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk."

  • Architecture Engineering - Design & Build Your Dream House (gr. 3-7) *NEW*

    Architecture Engineering - Design & Build Your Dream House *NEW for 2018*
    July 23 - 27
    rising 3-7 grades

    Want to build the house of your dreams where you can entertain your buddies and play 'til the sun goes down?

    The problem is that most houses don't have enough space to play computer games, dance, make music, kick soccer balls, and more!

    Your mission is to design and build a model of your dream castle ... a house of the future.
    We will design your dream house in PowerPoint and then build a model and finally present your solution.
    You will learn how architects must plan, how builders must think, and how real estate developers sell.

  • Soap Box Racers (gr. 4-8)

    Soap Box Racers
    July 23 - 27
    rising 4-8 grades

    Dirty gas guzzlers are fouling up our good air, using up barrels and barrels of expensive refined crude and hogging all the good parking places. Unsafe drivers are too busy texting to pay attention to the road and keep both mitts on the wheel. Back seat passengers are too involved watching DVDs to take notice of all the cool views and interesting places passing by. And the traffic . . . what about all the traffic!

    We desperately need some new ideas to put the fun back in driving. Your mission: design and build a clean air, high MPG, nimble and speedy subcompact. A convertible would be nice. And cup holders . . . gotta have cupholders!

    Teamwork plays a big role in this Mission. You’ll partner up with a small crew of fledgling automotive engineers to assemble and tune up a smooth-rolling and quick-swerving chassis. Then you’ll repurpose some premium quality junk to soup up your customized ride and draw in the fans. ‘Cause you must be fast and you must look cool when you and your pit crew take the green flag at the BIY Grand Prix. Let’s hit the road!

    This Mission includes:
    Art | Construction | Presentation | Breakneck Speed

  • Experimental Theater (gr. 3-7) *NEW*

    Experimental Theater *NEW for 2018*
    July 30 - August 3
    rising 3-7 grades

    Would you like to be a famous Hollywood director?

    Build-It-Yourself is recruiting a few hot shot artists and engineers to pioneer a new form of contemporary art using computer controlled puppets.

    The Problem:
    TV is soooooo boring

    The Mission:
    Your mission is to inspire a new way of thinking about theater and entertainment. You must write, direct, and present an animatronic production that will make your audience laugh and think...
    Good vs. Evil
    Happy vs. Sad
    Rich vs. Poor
    Human vs. Robot

  • Flying Machines (gr. 3-7)

    Flying Machines
    July 30 - August 3
    rising 3-7 grades

    Since the beginning of time, humans have dreamed about cruising the clouds like the birds and getting from one place to another faster than anyone else. A couple bros named Orville and Wilbur got us started around a century ago with one of the coolest contraptions ever, but there’s always room for improvement.

    We’re recruiting a few smart cookies to join an advanced aerospace development team. You’ll start your training constructing state-of-the-art paper airplanes, then apply your new-found aerodynamics knowledge to the design of a supersonic glider. Then, it’s on to the next frontier, building and launching your own air-powered rocket in a 21st century “space race”. Finally, let your imagination soar as you turn premium quality junk into your own vision of the quintessential spacecraft of the future.

    Skills you will exercise:
    Art | Construction | Modeling | Presentation | The Wild Blue Yonder

  • Website Design (gr. 3-7)

    Website Design
    August 6 -10
    rising 3-7 grades

    Homepage Sweet Homepage.

    Got something important to say? Want to show off your latest invention, computer game or video? Like to sell a gazillion gizmos? Trying to keep the rest of your Super Hero buddies up to speed on your plans to foil Dr. Disaster’s diabolical deeds?

    You need to build your own website, and we’ll help you get started.

    Find out just how the internet works and master all the web-speak you’ll need to collaborate with fellow web designers. Learn a new language – HTML – and a bunch of cool programming tricks that let you talk to all your favorite web browsers. Pick up tips for adding navigation links, graphics, photos, audio and video to the personal website you’ll design and build. Introduce your pets, tell some jokes, write a story, list your favorite computer games, music, movies, sports teams, super heroes. Finally, prepare for your site launch party, where you’ll present and take your site live for your family, friends and a few billion web surfers.

    Crank up the bandwidth. We’re going viral and the hits will just keep on coming!

    This Mission includes:
    Art | Creative Writing | Programming | Presentation | Dot Com Bubbles

  • Minecraft 101: Structures & Design (gr. 3-7)

    Minecraft 101: Structures & Design
    August 13 - 17
    rising 3-7 grades

    Wanted: Minecraft Builders and Architects

    Advanced civilizations have Sphinx-like monuments, Taj Mahal-like structures, and Google-like laboratories that inspire creative builders to invent amazing contraptions. You will build a state-of-the-art Minecraft laboratory where you can invent to your heart’s content.

    Minecraft, one of the most popular computer video games today, enables builders to exercise their creativity in ways not possible before. Building complex machines, designing logic systems, and creating imaginative structures are enabled in this 3D virtual world. Inventors will experience the thrill of building in a fun, artistic environment.

    This program is for Minecraft beginners and kids who are interested in architecture

    Skills you will exercise:
    Minecraft construction techniques | Architectural design | Presentation skills | Teamwork | Defender of creative thinking

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