Nick Ornstein ’17 5

Nick Ornstein ’17

Watertown, Mass.

Nick Ornstein ’17 4


Dining hall food: Grilled cheese and tomato soup
Way to spend time: Playing music with friends
Book: 100 Years of Solitude, Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Place to be alone on campus: The squash courts
Place to be with friends: The Quad
Hobby: Playing piano
CA tradition: Senior chapels
Thing about CA: Love of learning

Academic interests

Math, science, performing arts

Student leadership, clubs, and affinity groups

Cohead of Jewish Students Organization, member of Barbershop and Concord Cabaret, Chess Club

Arts and athletics

Squash, baseball, Advanced Jazz Band (piano), filmmaking, sculpture


What class or teacher has made the biggest impact on you? And why?

Taking Abby Laber’s class Shakespeare: Word and Act helped me discover how much I love to read Shakespeare! Going beyond the typical English class arrangement, we often banished the tables and chairs to the corners of the room to explore Hamlet and Macbeth by acting them aloud in the center of the classroom. Focusing on Shakespeare’s verse and language, we held class discussions on the Bard’s clever wordplay, his subtle references to class status in his society, and the poetic metaphors that can be found on almost every page. For a final project, we were tasked with writing a scene to one of the plays we looked at that would reveal something more about its characters. I had so much fun employing my newfound knowledge of Shakespearean verse to craft my own “unscene” to be added to Hamlet, and performing it to the class with my partner. Taking that class definitely made me want to read more Shakespeare.

What have you had a chance to do at CA that you might not have done elsewhere?

Before coming to CA, I had not been involved in athletics at all. I had thought that participating in sports was not for me, and that being an artist, a good student, and a varsity athlete at the same time was impossible. At CA, however, every student is required to participate in an athletic cocurricular activity, so I decided to try out for squash my freshman year. Tryouts were tough, but I worked hard, and made the varsity team! As the season progressed, I connected with my teammates and began to relish every second of court time. CA helped me discover a part of myself that I never knew existed, and as I grew as an athlete, I still found time to play piano, see friends, and take an extra science class. CA gave me the chance to be an athlete, something that I might not have done elsewhere.