Kaity Goodwin ’18 9

Kaity Goodwin ’18

Day – Billerica, Mass.

Kaity Goodwin ’18 8


Dining hall food: Tomato-mozzarella melts
Way to spend time: Walking to Starbucks with friends
Book: The Divergent series, Veronica Roth
Place to be alone on campus: The art studios, especially fiber arts
Place to be with friends: The Upper Stu-Fac or the area by the big window outside of the library
Hobby: Softball!
CA tradition: SPIRIT WEEK!!!
Thing about CA: The small, close-knit community

Academic interests

Math and science

Student leadership, clubs, and affinity groups

Student Head of School, Junior Entertainment Rep, fiber arts studio proctor/TA, OLT, peer mentor, community service with Concord Academy Students in Action (CASA), tour guide


Fiber arts, fashion design, graphic design, drawing, painting


Softball and field hockey

Kaity Goodwin ’18 7

What class or teacher has made the biggest impact on you?

The very first teacher I ever had class with was Peter Boskey. I was in a fiber arts tie-dye class (now known as Color on Cloth), and was the only freshmen amongst all juniors and seniors on the very first day of school. Of course this was intimidating because all the “big kids” knew each other, knew the school, and I felt as if I knew nothing. Peter made me feel welcomed to the school, and we instantly bonded through our sense of humor, love of art, and the fact that we’re both Asian adoptees. He helped me work and persevere through roadblocks in my projects, challenged me to push myself out of my comfort zone, and taught me more advanced techniques outside of class as well. I spent (and still spend) almost all my time in the fiber arts studio working on my current projects, but also socializing and getting tips from Peter. Since freshman year, people have asked me if I’m his advisee, to which I respond no. However, I consider myself one of his honorary advisees, and he is one of the teachers that I am the closest with in the school. I always look forward to talking with Peter, whether about art, sports, the current drama going on in my life, or the latest BuzzFeed quizzes that we took. Without him, I don’t think my transition to CA would have been as smooth, nor would I have my strong passion for art.

What memorable experience have you had outside the classroom?

In March of my sophomore year, I went on an exchange trip to Spain with my Spanish teacher and some of my friends and peers. It was my second time leaving the country, and my first time leaving the time zone. In Spain, I was matched with a host sister and host family. It was hard at first to adjust to the language barrier and the culture difference, but after some charades, laughs, and Google translating, I was really able to connect with my host family, host sister, and the other Spaniards that were a part of the trip. We went on lots of day trips all around Spain, and I loved being able to see all of the architecture and history in person. After school, my host sister would also take me to some of her favorite places around her neighborhood, where we would meet up with some of the other kids on the trip. The whole group, Spaniards and Americans, spent a lot of time together in Spain, and when they came to America for the second part of the exchange, it was almost if we hadn’t been separated for the whole summer and end of the school year. The momentum continued, but this time we were showing them around to our favorite coffee shops and landmarks in Boston, as well as exchanging Spanish/American slang. I made friends from across the world that I still stay in contact with now, almost a year later.

What have you learned about yourself during your time at CA?

CA has really helped to shape my character and leadership abilities. When I first got to the school, I noticed how many of the upperclassmen were doing cool projects, had big leadership positions, and were role models in the school. I always admired how they brought fun and excitement to the school but were still making an impact with their leadership, clubs, and personalities. I never thought that I would be able to be one of them. I thought that I would always just be in the background, or be one of the people that no one really knew. I doubted that I could inspire the underclassmen as the upperclassmen inspired me when I was a freshman. I wanted to make change, but I never really knew quite how. However, with support of my friends, teachers, and efforts of the previous seniors to push me to my goals, I have grown into a strong, independent leader, and I am proud of all my accomplishments at CA. I have developed a go-getting personality, and I strive to tackle any problem or situation, working to improve my community as I go. With the help of CA, I discovered that I can do or be anything I want, including Student Head of School, as long as I work hard and stay true to myself.

What new opportunities have you found at CA?

CA gives me a creative environment that allows me to experiment with my thoughts, ideas, and opinions. I’m really interested in graphic design, and I’ve volunteered to create many T-shirts for different organizations and events. I love the enthusiasm that is put into each class by both the teachers and the students. CA has a multitude of classes that cater to diverse skill sets. CA has taught me how to think both linearly and conceptually. I think I’ve learned a lot intellectually, but also socially. I’ve become more responsible for myself in my work and I try to hold myself to a high standard.

What advice do you have for an incoming student?

Be yourself! CA is an accepting place. Don’t be afraid to shine just the way you are!