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Jordie Hurley ’18

Day – Newton Highlands, Mass.

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Dining hall food: Waffles at brunch
Way to spend free time: Going to Walden Pond with friends on hot days
Book: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns), Mindy Kaling
Place to be alone on campus: The music rooms
Place to be with friends: The dance studio
Hobbies: Singing
CA tradition: Senior chapels
Thing about CA: The close-knit community

Primary Academic Interests


Student leadership, clubs, or affinity groups

Junior class president, cohead of Cabaret (musical theater singing group) and Worst Behavior (hip-hop dance club), member of the Mock Trial club and JSO (Jewish Student Organization)


Piano, Dance Company, Theater Company. I’ve been a cast member of multiple mainstage shows, and I will be directing a show this year.


Alpine skiing
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What has been your most interesting project or assignment?

This fall I took Screenwriting for my English class with Justin Bull. We spent the entire semester developing and writing our own original screenplays. This was such an awesome class and assignment because it introduced me to a new style of writing. We did an exercise once where we watched a scene and had to write down what we thought would be in the stage directions of the screenplay, to see how much detail can go into descriptions of sequences of action. I especially enjoyed it because I do a lot of theater, and it was cool to see how film is different from the stage.

What have you had a chance to do at CA that you might not have done elsewhere?

Last year I joined CA’s Mock Trial club. At a lot of other high schools, mock trial is taken very seriously, and it takes a lot of commitment and knowledge to be able to contribute. I really appreciate that at CA we treat it as a club and prioritize everyone having a good time and being able to participate over winning trials. We’ve actually done pretty well in our trials the past couple of years, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously, which allows people like me who already have a lot on their plates to be involved.

What advice do you have for an incoming student?

I encourage all incoming students to just sign up for things and get as involved as possible in the community. There are so many amazing clubs with passionate students at their cores who really just want to be with people who have the same excitement for a particular activity or idea as they do. I have to also make a particular plug for everyone at CA to try some theater or dance during their time here. There are so many different ways to get involved in performing arts, from clubs and classes to companies and productions, and they have all been so rewarding for me. Even if you don’t consider yourself an actor, theater teaches invaluable and transferable skills like collaboration, self-confidence, and spontaneity. Also, I had so much fun as a freshman taking Theater 1, meeting with my group outside of class and just laughing and messing around with new friends when we were supposed to be writing our script. (Don’t worry, it turned out alright in the end.)