Isabelle Charles ’19 - Concord Academy

Isabelle Charles ’19

Boarder – Milton, Mass.

Isabelle Charles '19

What do you do at CA?

I am the co-head of the all-female A Capella group, Pitches, I am in various singing groups including Chorus and CA singers, and I am the Managing Editor for the school newspaper, The Centipede.

Where is your favorite spot on campus?

When it is sunny, the quad is the perfect place to do work or hang out with friends, but when it is rainy I like to stay in my room.

Why did you chose CA?

I chose CA not only because of the academic rigor and the endless exposure to opportunities but also for the community. When I stepped foot on this campus during revisit day, I had no doubt in my mind that this was the place for me. Everyone was supportive and kind which is what I appreciated. I know that high school can be tough but with a community of people that care and want the best for every individual, it makes everything seem a bit easier.

My day at CA is not complete until…

I listen to music!

Name something you’ve tried for the first time at CA. How was that experience?

I tried ceramics for the first time at CA and I fell in love with it. It was amazing because every time I would enter the studio it was calming and I was able to make bowls and cups, which I never thought possible. I also realized that I took a liking to the messiness of ceramics!

Sports I’ve played at CA…

I play volleyball and I dance.

My music/art involvement includes…

Pitches, Chorus, CA Singers, and Ceramics.