Theo Nuñez ’18

Theo Nunez ’18

Boarding – Chicago, Ill.

Hope Nuñez ’18 1

Dining hall food: Chicken curry
Way to spend time: Watching TV
Book: Totally Joe, James Howe
Place to be alone on campus: The ceramics studio
Place to be with friends: In the gym, playing basketball or volleyball
Hobby: Playing Tetris
CA tradition: Chapel
Thing about CA: The people

Academic interests

Math, computer science, engineering, science, visual arts

Student leadership, clubs, and affinity groupsAuto Draft 3

Student Vice Head of School, Freshman Class President, Community Action representative and cohead of CASA (Concord Academy Students in Action), member of ASA (Asian Students Association)

Arts and athletics

Basketball, volleyball, photography, ceramics


What have you had a chance to do at CA that you might not have done elsewhere?

I have had the pleasure of meeting people from all over the world.

What has been your most interesting project or assignment?

In Geometry 2, we were given a bunch of different kinds of geometric problems, and we got to choose one. I chose what is called the “Menger Sponge” and I was able to create a model. You take business cards, fold them in a certain way, and attach them to make a cubelike structure. The interesting part was trying to figure out an equation that would account for all the business cards. After a lot of back and forth, I was actually able to discover the equation. My teacher did not know the answer, so it was fun to work with him to solve the problem together.

What advice do you have for an incoming student?

Be yourself.