Emily Marquis ’18 3

Emily Marquis ’18

Day – Burlington, Mass.

Emily Marquis ’18

What do you like most about Concord Academy?

My favorite thing about CA is the way our community honors individuality. I have felt encouraged to be completely myself here, while constantly getting the chance to meet people who are completely different from me!

What do you do at CA?

In addition to being a Head Tour Guide, I am also a Peer Mentor in a freshman seminar class and a Head Orientation Leader. I am a captain of cross-country and ski team. Last spring I acted in my first theater production! I also love taking guitar lessons and visual arts classes at CA.

Share something that most people don’t know about you.

Something that most people don’t know about me is that I used to be on a competitive rock climbing team.

Quick Answers:

1. My favorite place on campus is the sunny little alcove outside the library.
2. I chose CA because, when I visited campus, I could feel the uplifting and supportive atmosphere of the community and see how passionate students were about what they were doing.
3. I am most happy when the people around me are happy.
4. My favorite season is fall, because each time I go for a run in Concord everything is so beautiful that it looks like it belongs on a post card!
5. My day is not complete until I have spent the afternoon laughing and joking around with my cross-country or ski teammates during practice.