Elizabeth Mulgrew de Laire ’19 - Concord Academy

Elizabeth Mulgrew de Laire ’19

Day – Carlisle, Mass.

Elizabeth Mulgrew de Laire ‘19

Name something you’ve tried for the first time at CA. How was that experience?

During my sophomore winter at CA I didn’t know how I was going to fulfill my athletic requirement, but I had some friends who did theater tech and I was taking a theater class, so I decided to audition for the main stage production. I have stage fright, so the audition was terrifying, but the teachers running the auditions were incredibly kind and understanding, which helped put me at ease. I was cast in the show and spent the next few weeks meeting new people in rehearsal, learning about how a theater production comes together, and having a really good time getting into character. The show was a huge success; everything that the cast and crew had worked to bring together over the previous couple of months came to life, which was inspiring to see. I was so taken by the experience that I continued taking theater classes and participating in main stages my junior year, and this year I am thrilled to be part of Theater Company. The experience of trying CA theater was so positive for me that now I consider the department a place I can go for anything. It has given me new friends, new skills, and a place to explore all aspects of life.

What do you like most about Concord Academy?

My favorite aspect of being a student at Concord Academy is the freedom I have to do the things that interest me. The variety of classes offered is so expansive that there is something for everyone, even if the subject has never seemed appealing in the past. For example, with all the history electives offered there is a class to appeal to every student’s interests, even if history isn’t their favorite subject. Beyond the classes, students have so many opportunities to explore sports, arts, and clubs without social pressure to be a “jock” or “theater kid” only. Every student is thoroughly involved in their academics, athletics, and arts, all at the same time, and I love that CA has cultivated that balance between all aspects of their students’ beings.

What do you do at CA?

CA has provided me with countless opportunities to try new things every year and stick with the things I like best. Every year since freshman year I’ve been on the soccer team, taken an individual music instruction class in trumpet, been a tour guide, written for the Massachusetts Young Playwrights’ Project Festival, and been in the Model UN club. Freshman year I also took dance classes, did community service, and was a member of student council as Freshman Representative. Sophomore year I tried theater and painting classes and participated in the winter main stage production. Last year I was in the winter main stage again, danced with the club WRST Behavior, took another theater class, tried my hand at fashion design, took my first Spanish literature classes, and represented my class in council as Junior Class President. This year I’m looking forward to being a Head Tour Guide and a member of Theater Company, taking more Spanish electives, enjoying my last year with my friends, and trying new things and continuing with all of the other things I’ve grown passionate about over the years.