Caitlin Timmons ’18 3

Caitlin Timmons ’18

Lynnfield, Mass., and Belmont, Mass.

Caitlin Timmons ’18

What do you like most about CA?

My favorite part of CA is the challenges it presents me. In my classes, I’ve learned how to work hard and think creatively about interesting problems, manage my time effectively with a busy schedule, and be persistent when I don’t succeed at first. As a result, I’ve gained more confidence in my abilities as a student. The community here is also incredibly supportive, so I feel comfortable taking risks and challenging myself, because I know that there are people looking out for me who want me to succeed. My teachers, friends, and advisor are always great resources for extra help and advice.

What keeps you busy on campus?

I’m part of the tennis team, and during my freshman and sophomore years I played JV basketball. I take saxophone lessons and painting classes, and I love to draw and paint in my free time. As for clubs, I participate in Women’s Org, The Chameleon (our literary arts magazine), and GSA (Gender Sexuality Alliance). I’m also in the process of starting a Destination Imagination team on campus this year. My favorite subject at CA is science, and I’m really excited to take some of the applied science electives in the next couple of years.

What’s something that most people don’t know about you?

In middle school, I was part of a singing group and was able to perform in different places around the country.