Anika Talwar ’17 2

Anika Talwar ’17

Lunenburg, Mass.

Anika Talwar ’17 3

Dining hall food: Pesto tortellini
Way to spend time: Listening to music, talking to friends
Book: The Selection series, Kiera Cass; 1984, George Orwell; The Doll People, Ann M. Martin and Laura Godwin
Place to be alone on campus: The library
Place to be with friends: The Quad
Hobby: Bollywood dancing, piano, running, basketball
CA tradition: It is a secret
Thing about CA: I love being amidst such a brilliant and passionate group of students and teachers!

Academic interests

Math, science

Student leadership, clubs, and affinity groups

Staff writer for The Centipede (student newspaper), Model UN, Tour Guides club, service trips

Arts and athletics

Cross-country, basketball, track, piano, Indian classical and Bollywood dance


What’s your favorite thing about CA?

I love being surrounded by smart and enthusiastic people. Everyone here has a deep passion for what they do, and that energy is contagious. I love getting into deep conversations with my friends about topics that we discussed in English or science class, without being seen as nerdy. I love how everyone at CA wants to excel without being critical or condescending towards each other. It is nice to know that everyone around me is looking out for me and wants me to succeed.

What’s it like to be a day student at CA?

I love being a day student! I feel like I can experience aspects of both boarding and day student life, since there is no apparent divide between the two. It’s nice to have the flexibility to stay at school late and then go home to the support of my family. I have the option to eat three meals at school, attend evening study halls, and talk to teachers after school hours, which has helped me integrate into the CA community.

How do your friends here help you grow?

I am reaIly lucky to have such a diverse and wonderful group of friends. People at CA come from many different cultures, and I have learned from the many experiences, perspectives, and stories that my friends have to share. I know I can count on my friends to be there for me in every situation, and I enjoy all the time I spend with them.

What’s your favorite class you have taken so far?

I thoroughly enjoyed Chemistry this past year. I like science and I think chemistry really exposed me to a different branch of it. One of my favorite topics was stoichiometry. From experimenting with burning candles to observing the reaction of different chemical compounds, I gained insight into the properties of elements on the periodic table.

How do you think CA is preparing you for life after high school?

The rigorous academic courses, the schedule, and the teachers all combine to simulate a college-like atmosphere. However, CA doesn’t assign an overwhelming or unmanageable amount of work, and we are encouraged to do our best and to make use of every opportunity.

How would you define common trust?

Common trust is a unique bond that makes up the CA community and distinguishes it from any other high school. It emphasizes the need for students to take responsibility for their own actions and to handle their freedom with discretion. Students are encouraged to make wise decisions so that common trust can continue to be ingrained in the community.

Which athletic experience have you enjoyed most at CA?

I have had so many great experiences on my CA athletic teams so far, but I have especially loved being on the cross-country team. Our coach, Jon Waldron (or JWal as we call him), has taught me that cross-country running should be about having fun and enjoying yourself, not just about winning. His composure and patience in every situation amaze me and have inspired me as an athlete. JWal is also a running doctor and he knows everything there is to know about running and the muscle aches and pains that come with it. I have really enjoyed having him not just as my coach but also as a counselor.

What have you had a chance to do at CA that you might not have done elsewhere?

At CA, I have taken risks and gone way out of my comfort zone. CA has such a friendly and supportive atmosphere in which I am encouraged to do my best and try new things. Whether it be enrolling in Advanced Computer Science without any background in programming, or applying for a position at The Centipede having never written for a school newspaper, at CA I have stretched my boundaries and pushed my limits because I know that I have a community to support me.