Allie Morin ’17 4

Allie Morin ’17

Lynnfield, Mass.

Allie Morin ’17 2

Dining hall food: The mango or strawberry sorbet
Way to spend time: Sitting on the Quad or patio with my friends or playing wall ball
Book: To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee; The Namesake, Jhumpa Lahiri
Place to be alone on campus: The library
Place to be with friends: The Quad or the upper Stu-Fac
Hobby: Community service, soccer, and lacrosse
CA tradition: The sock filled with money at graduation
Thing about CA: The people, hands down. CA is such a tightly knit community, filled with thoughtful and intelligent people who genuinely care about each other. I always feel welcomed by the teachers and am never afraid to ask questions.

Academic interests

Science, English, languages

Student leadership, clubs, and affinity groups

CASA (Concord Academy Students in Action)

Arts and athletics

Lacrosse, soccer


Why did you decide to come to CA?

I was drawn to the beautiful campus and the friendliness of all the people. I wanted a school that would challenge me academically and athletically but also push me out of my comfort zone and allow me to try new things.

How do you think CA is preparing you for life after high school?

Before coming to CA I had trouble deciding which flavor of ice cream to choose, and would spend 10 minutes in line thinking of all the options, only to come to the conclusion that I was too worried about making the wrong decision to get anything. I was very dependent on others to tell me what to do and what not to do. CA has helped me become more independent and find my own voice. I have grown more confident in myself and in my work, and am ready to take on any challenge.

Which academic courses at CA have most challenged or inspired you so far?Allie Morin ’17 1

For me, the most challenging course has been Chemistry. Science has never been my strongest subject, but I had so many resources to help me. All of the teachers are willing to help and really want you to succeed, and if for some reason a teacher isn’t available, the ASC (Academic Support Center) is the place to go.

What has been your most interesting assignment?

This year in Drawing, my teacher attached thick sharpies to rulers and made us hold them from the end of the ruler and draw a plant arrangement. The purpose of this was to lose control and let something else lead the way. Even though it was just a drawing, this applies to everyday life too. Sometimes, we just need to let go and realize that we can’t control everything.

Which athletic experience have you enjoyed most at CA?

The Chandler Bowl for Changing Lives is what I look forward to most in the fall. This is when all the CA and Pingree sports teams play each other, and the school with the most wins gets the bowl. While winning the bowl the past two years has been amazing, what really makes the tournament so special is the cause that we play for. Last year, for example, we played in memory of our former Athletic Director Jenny Brennan’s father.

What have you had a chance to do at CA that you might not have done elsewhere?

CA has allowed me to be myself. I have been able to try new things and explore my more creative side. I thought I would only be playing sports in high school, but thankfully I was wrong.