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Aaron Carrasco '18

Boarding – Bronx, N.Y.

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Dining hall food: Apple crisps with ice cream
Way to spend time: Gaming
Books: Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin
Place to be alone on campus: Behind the Chapel
Place to be with friends: My common room
Hobby: Watching anime
Thing about CA: How easy it is to try new things. I had no interest in the arts coming into CA, but I somehow got into playing the guitar and found a passion for photography and film.

Academic interests


Student leadership, clubs, and affinity groups

House Manager, Hip Hop and Soul Club


Photography and guitar



Aaron Carrasco '18

What class or teacher has made the biggest impact on you?

I think my Creative Nonfiction class has had the most impact on me. I always loved writing, and English class was always my strong suit. My writing was really thought-provoking and emotional, but I was always hesitant to go past certain barriers in fear of judgement from the reader. I would sugarcoat my writing instead of making it raw and true. Taking this class taught me to use the raw story, and instead of distilling it, I learned how to strengthen it and make it resonate stronger with the reader. This class also encouraged me to read my writing aloud in front of my peers, and this helped me overcome my insecurities.

What has been your most interesting project or assignment?

My most interesting project may have been my urban and rural landscape photo assignment: taking pictures of urban scenes such as skyscrapers, busy streets, people, etc., then mixing the urban with rural landscapes such as empty fields, barren lots, or anything that resembled an old-time feeling. It was a hard but very interesting assignment, since I live in New York and the project took place over spring break, when I was at home. Taking photos has taught me to go to places that I would otherwise never have gone, to look in the small crevices, into the lowest places I can get to, and the highest; my photography class revealed the explorer within me. I live in a gorgeous and vibrant city, so when I had the chance to go all over the place and take a slice of what I see everyday back to school in Concord, I was ecstatic.

What memorable experience have you had outside the classroom?

My most memorable experience that I have had outside the classroom was in the EIL championship for wrestling my freshman year. Everyone was ready to end the season on a high note. We ended up getting first place. During the break we had halfway through the tournament, we had started losing steam. We went to the locker rooms and started complaining — that was until our captains came into the room and started blasting Taylor Swift. We all joined in and eventually other teams came in and joined us. It was a bunch of really big guys singing like a bunch of little girls, and it was great.