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Living in Concord

Concord Academy is situated in the heart of Concord, Massachusetts. A town of literary and historic significance and the birthplace of both the Revolutionary War and the Transcendentalist Movement, Concord became home to writers and intellectuals during the New England Renaissance in the mid-nineteenth century. Hawthorne, Emerson, Thoreau, and the Alcotts were among those who lived and wrote in Concord.


Today, Concord offers museums, restored houses, and an abundance of significant landmarks including Walden Pond. Quiet restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, boutiques, an amazing bookstore, and a number of specialty shops cluster together along Concord’s friendly streets. Concord’s present-day reputation is that of a lively community that takes pride in its dual role of cultural center and suburban sanctuary. The town’s proximity to Cambridge and Boston, situated 18 miles to the east, and its location on the MBTA commuter rail line, provides the CA community with access to the rich intellectual and entertainment offerings of a major metropolitan area.

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