Vedika Sharma ’20

Day Student – Newton Centre, Mass.


Dining hall food: The mango sorbet in the dining hall, especially when I have nutella to go with it
Way to spend free time: I love going to the extended campus to grab a drink or a snack from Starbucks
Book: The Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri, which I read in Sophomore English
Place to be alone on campus: Taking a walk in the field behind the Chapel
Place to be with friends: Relaxing on the quad, especially when it is warm out
Hobby: I love finding sheet music for some of my favourite songs and learning how to play them on the piano
CA tradition: Senior chapels. It is a great way to learn about and empathise with a person who you usually don’t talk to
Thing about CA: Our tight-knit community feels like a family because of how supportive and kind everyone is
Academic interests: Humanities, Math/Sciences
Student leadership, clubs, and affinity groups: Junior class president; opinions editor for the school newspaper, The Centipede; writer for The Tavern Thought Paper; tour guide, orientation leader, and co-head of the South Asian Student Society (SASS)
Arts: Theater, film, piano
Athletics: Volleyball, track and field

What has been your most interesting project or assignment?

During Sophomore English we read a novel called Citizen: An American Lyric by Claudia Rankine. The novel is a collection of poems and essays exploring race, microaggression, and America. After we completed the book, we had to write a thought piece about based on the themes and structure of the book. We were given instructions but also had so much freedom to write based on our individual connection to the book. Our pieces as a class explored class, race, sexuality, migration, and more. This was the most interesting project for me, as I got to take what I learned from an incredible and thought-provoking book and use my own experiences and thoughts to create a personal and informative piece of writing.

What memorable experience have you had outside the classroom?

I am a writer for the school newspaper, the Centipede. Although we write about news and articles relevant to school, we also get the chance to report events that we attend as journalists. Our paper has had opportunities to send students to incredible events. I took on the role of a reporter during Boston Fashion Week as I attended a panel made up of designers. I was able to ask them questions and get some great answers that I shared with the CA community through an article.

What advice do you have for an incoming student?

My transition into CA was one of the easiest and most pleasant ones I’ve ever had. However, if I were to do something differently, I would interact with more people during the first few weeks of school. It isn’t easy being in a new environment, especially when the community is already so tight-knit when you come in. When I spoke to more people later in the year, I only wished that I had met them sooner. Also, I would recommend asking for help whenever you need it. The teachers and faculty at CA are so helpful and truly care about the success of each individual student. So in times of confusion or stress, a student should never be afraid to ask for help.